Time Saving Tuesday

The Google Calculator is one of the things that I use Google for all the time. It’s nice to quickly compute a conversion for just about anything you can think of:

Google Calculator

You may not use this that often because it isn’t convenient enough. Here are multiple ways that you can quickly take advantage of the Google Calculator:

Unfortunately Opera doesn’t have a widget for this but that is probably because the Opera team has already put together a really nice widget that handles conversions.

Maybe your problem isn’t that you don’t have easy access to a Google search box, instead you just don’t know everything that you can do with the calculator? If that’s the case then there are two sources that can help you out:

  • Soople – puts all of the Google Calculator functions together on an easy-to-understand interface.
  • Google Calculator Cheat Sheet – a fairly comprehensive guide on what you can enter into the Google Calculator.

I use this calculator all of the time especially with the Yahoo Widget. It gives me quick access to conversions and calculations without the need to run a whole separate program. This is just another feature that Google has “hidden” away and most non-techy people don’t even know it’s there.