Web Browser Wednesday

One of the best features that Opera put in version 9 is widgets! They let people use their creativity to design something useful and fun. I haven’t come across many widgets that I use on a daily basis but there are a few that I pay more attention to than others.

  • Touch The Sky
    This one is pretty much a dead giveaway and I think most people will have this installed. It lets you keep track of the weather in your area and also has the ability to display forecasts or satellite images.
    Touch The Sky Opera Widget
  • Google CalendarGoogle Calendar Opera Widget
    I use Google Calendar to keep track of just about everything so this widget allows me to get a quick glance of things that I have scheduled. Unfortunately it doesn’t let you edit your events but I’m not going to complain because it still saves me some time.
  • Calculator
    Opera Widget Calculator Of course what good would having widgets be if a calculator wasn’t available? This is just a plain and simple calculator but for those people who are looking for something a little fancier you may want to checkout the scientific calculator that someone put together.
  • Bug Me Not
    There will always be those certain sites that require you to login before you can view their content, such as the New York Times. That is why someone developed Bug Me Not and this widget will retrieve generic usernames and passwords from the Bug Me Not database. Now you won’t have to sit there and register just to read one article!
    Bug Me Not Widget
  • Pipe Panic
    I don’t just get useful widgets…I have some fun too! Pipe Panic is the exact game that you don’t want to start playing because you’ll become addicted (like me). You start playing, you play a little more, and before you know it there have been several hours that have passed by.
    Pipe Panic Widget

CyberNet News WidgetThere you have it. Those are the Opera Widgets that I use on a daily basis. Oh yeah, but let’s not forget to mention one of the best ones…OURS! You can download the CyberNet News widget to make keeping up on the latest stories even easier. ;)

If you have some other Opera widgets that you use let us know so that we can give them a shot. Lately we have been getting addicted to some of the games. :D