Free For All Friday

All the way back in July, we wrote about Protopage, one of the many AJAX desktop’s out there. It doesn’t take too much time to put together an impressive customized desktop complete with photos, feeds, quick links, weather, etc. Recently, they released their latest version, Protopage V3 with a variety of new features, 30 to be exact!

–New Features —

A new feed reader has been implemented which will order your feeds based upon how often you read them.  The ones you read most often will be at the top, while the others will be at the bottom. It will also auto-detect feeds that provide headlines and summaries and will display them in an “article summaries” mode.If you’d like your friends or family to be able to view your page, or even edit it, you can set a password for instant collaboration. Another thing that you’ll notice is that there are color coded tabs at the top to help keep you organized. 

 Protopage Additional features:

  • Special news feed widget modes (cartoon mode, thumbnail mode, etc.)
  • Audio/Video podcast support
  • New color theme engine/new wallpapers and background patterns
  • Drag and drop multi-level to-do lists
  • Widget showcase and developer API- launching with 270 new widgets
  • Edit in-place sticky notes
  • IE 6&7, Firefox 1&2, Opera 9, and Safari 2 support
  • 270 preloaded widgets (96 games, 71 finance, and 26 sports score)

Out of all the new features, one of my favorites is the integrated search box that has 750 preloaded search engines. When you hover your mouse over the search box at the top, the list expands.  You’re given the option to customize the list, and with 750 preloaded engines, there’s a lot to choose from! Some of the more popular will probably be Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo, eBay, Web MD, and the list goes on….

There are a lot of nice new additions to this version of Protopage worth checking out. Visit to get your own AJAX desktop started…. it’s free!