Million Dollar Monday

I’m sure you’ve tinkered with a red laser pointer before. You can find them in abundance just about anywhere, and nowadays they’re simply cheap! I found one for just $10.00. Have you ever seen a blue laser pointer though? Probably not, and that’s because the bright blue LED laser pointer is fairly new and rather unusual.

Blue laser

It’s the new color around, and boy does the price sure reflect it! The cheapest price I found is $1,000 at  It has the ‘unusual’ blue laser beam at 473 nm wavelength, and a 1.5 mm beam diameter at aperture. This product was developed in Japan with researcher Shuji Nakamura.  He dedicated 8 years to the development of the blue LED and another two dedicated to the blue laser.

What’s interesting is that this blue laser (which has a shorter wavelength than a red laser) will be what we’ll see in the next generation of the high definition DVD players. While the price may be high, I’m sure we can expect it to go down after a few years.  Afterall, the red laser pointer certainly didn’t start at $10.00– in fact they used to be quite pricey.

If you’re not ready to dish out $1000 for the blue, but the red pointer just isn’t exciting, take a look at the mid-range green laser pointer. You can find one for around $100.00 and you’ll still be able to boast that you have something different from the plain ole Joe red laser pointer. What’s interesting about this pointer is that it’s 50 times brighter than a red laser pointer (you probably wouldn’t want to look this one in the eye!). Because of the brightness, you’re able to use it for pointing at star constellations! How cool is that? I also find it intriguing that while you’re in a dark room, you’ll  even be able to see the laser beam (not just the little dot).

Other Laser Uses —

It’s labeled as the “ultimate geek laser toy” and formally named the ProLaserFX Showcube.  This Showcube utilizes the green laser and projects it as a beam to draw text, animation, and patterns. You’d be able to create your own customizable programmed laser projection and light show! It can hear music and synchronize itself to it.  You can view some of the sample projections below. Again, this is not a cheap toy to own. It will cost around $2,000 and could surely help push you along to that “uber geek status.”

— Overall

There are laser pointer options to satisfy anyone from red, green, and now blue.  Prices range from $10.00 (for the red) all the way to $1000.00 (for the blue).  And of course if you’re wanting to tinker around with lasers, the ProLaserFX Showcube will give you plenty of opportunities to do so!