Million Dollar Monday

If you don’t consider yourself an “average Joe” rather you consider yourself living the life of luxery, Nokia’s luxery brand of phones called Vertu will be the perfect “communication instrument” (the average joe calls it “cell phone”) for you. From sapphires and crystal to rubys and diamonds, this phone is nothing but average. To top it off, it’s made piece by piece entirely by hand.
Vertu Luxery Cell Phone

I went to their website to get the details and I was impressed.  They offer a variety of styles and colors to satisfy all of your needs. There are white and yellow gold options available with diamonds. Yes, diamonds on a cell phone. Vertu also offers an array of colors like red, blue, yellow, and the list goes on. For comparisons, Nokia will sell millions of phones in a years time while Vertu will sell only thousands. It’s a completely different ball game and quite the different consumer Vertu aims their product at.

How would you like a keypad made with ruby bearings? Along with the ruby keypad bearings, Vertu phones also have silicone moldings under the leather on each corner that protects the phone from wear and tear. The phones also have a strong sapphire crystal and titanium surface that gives the phone some extra protection.

A phone such as this will cost at the least, several thousand dollars (and the demand is on the rise).  For such a high cost, I’d expect it to last for more than the 2.5 to 4 hours of talk time that it currently has. While there’s not a whole lot of talk time, it does have an estimated 270 hours of standby time.  It also has a fairly large user memory capable of storing around 1000 entries.

According to, Vertu is expected to release another phone within the next month which is expected to sell well. You can find retailers of the Vertu phones all over the world in the United States, Canada, UK, France, and some countries in Asia.