CyberNotes Free For All Friday

The entire concept of RSS (Really Simply Syndication) is growing in all forms as people are slowly becoming aware of such a concept. Offertrax, a startup Web 2.0 company is using RSS to connect consumers and merchants with trusted rules of engagement. Using RSS, consumers will be able to get information from stores about sales, inventory, etc. to give them a simplified shopping experience.


According to Ronald C. Pruett, CEO and co-founder, ‘Offertrax will make online buying for merchants and consumers a social experience, less time-consuming, and extremely targeted’ Additionally, ‘RSS technology will dramatically impact the way people buy and sell online because it enables consumers to control how they would like to be alerted by merchants. In addition, customers can post notes and reviews while commenting and sharing with their friends and social networks. Offertrax will help build an entirely new channel of online marketing that will enhance email, search marketing, and personalization systems currently implemented by merchants’.

Such a large percentage of Internet users are unaware of RSS and what it is. Those who have discovered RSS have found a great tool to simplify their lives. Few people really understand the power of RSS and how it will change the way we receive and sort through the information that is important to us. Offertrax is using web-based services which allow merchants to offer ‘subscriptions’ to consumers so that consumers are able to track only the items that interest them. Furthermore, Offertrax will allow consumers to share the offers that they have ‘tracked’ to lead others to the same purchases based upon their ‘trails’ via the web, mobile phone, or other handheld devices. This would be a free service for consumers. They plan to generate revenue by charging businesses a fee to use the system. Offertrax is expected to release the first product in August and have announced their initial round of funding from private investors. CyberNet News looks forward to the release of Offertrax and will provide updates as Offertrax progresses! Checkout their blog to get more information and updates!