Free For All Friday

Offertrax is off and running with their free public beta! We last wrote about Offertrax back in July when they were preparing themselves for this beta launch.  If you are a merchant and you’d like to get in on what Offertrax has to offer, do it now!  Offertrax will always be free for shoppers, but will only remain a free beta for merchants until the end of January.

So, how does it all work and what is it? As many web 2.0 start-ups are doing, Offertrax relies on RSS (Really Simple Syndication). Their goal is to use RSS to connect merchants with shoppers who are looking for information about sales, inventory, etc.  The entire process is meant to simplify shopping in all forms. Consumers are able to control how they want to be alerted by merchants when items that interest them appear.

I just signed up for an account as a shopper, and it only takes a minute and requires minimal information. Before I got started, I had to install a browser button which then enabled me to add items to a track. The first item I that I decided to “track” was a Canon Digital Rebel XTi10 SLR Camera. I found the item at Amazon, and then clicked the “Track This Offer” bookmarklet.  From there, I selected an image for my product and then added it to a new track titled “Digital SLR Cameras.” The title of your track will typically cover the area you’re looking for.

From there, it adds the new product to my list! Now Offertrax will revisit the site every hour to look for changes. This could be a HUGE time saver for anyone who is price shopping and looking for the best deal. As a potential customer, I can post notes and reviews  that would be made available to others who are searching for the same product.  They refer to track as a “container that can hold as many products as you want.” 

Because I just signed up for an account, I have yet to see how the alert system will work when something has changed with the item.  I’m excited to see how this all works, especially with the holiday season right around the corner! If you’d like to sign up for an account, go to to get started.  They also have a blog you can view for more information and updates.