Fun Friday

After viewing some of the old-school tech commercials I dug-up below, you’ll probably be as thankful as I am at how far we’ve come!

Have you played Atari today?


Windows Commercial
And yes, from what I can tell, it’s real.

Apple IIc Commercial
Note: You can even get a mouse with it!

NES Commercial
Will you be the first to raise the incredibly accurate zapper?


Commodore 64
Are you keeping up with the Commodore? Because the Commodore is keeping up with you.


Radio Shack from the 80’s
The Color Computer 3!


Don’t Copy That Floppy
Maybe the RIAA will come out with something like this?


IBM (We’re with you all the way)
Hmm… apparently elephants demonstrated their point best?

Magnavox Computer Commercial
Gotta love that “undo” button!