Fun Friday

Online communities are forming all over. There’s YouTube and MySpace of course, and then Orkut, Xanga, and let’s not forget Facebook. You could even consider Flickr and Wikipedia to be online communities. They’re all over, and some are bigger than others. Below you’ll find a map of online communities. It’s just for fun, but the geographic area that each community takes up is to represent the size of their membership (Source). Click to enlarge:


Apparently XKCD has had a demand for this poster because they’re selling a pre-order for a 25” x 24” poster for $12.99. I don’t know that I’d want this hanging on my wall, but hey, apparently others do!

—IP Addresses Mapped Out—

And just because it’s interesting, from the same site is a map of the IP Address Space around the World. You can see which countries have which numbers, and the green space represents the space that is unallocated. In the upper left corner, you’ll find all of the space that was sold directly to corporations like HP, Apple, and IBM, in the 1990’s.

In case you’re unfamiliar with an IP Address, it stands for Internet Protocol Address and it’s a unique number just like your house address that identifies your computer, network, or network device.

Here’s an example: The first number, in this situation 9, tells me that the IP address is associated with IBM because anything that begins with a 9 can be allocated to computers at IBM. The same goes for an IP address were the first octet (or set of numbers) is 95. I know that this number has been allocated to a computer or network in Europe and the number would look something like (Source). Click to enlarge: