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It’s so easy to take hundreds of pictures these days, but what is someone to do with all of those pictures once they’ve been taken? With the increase in popularity of digital cameras has come an increase in online photo services for printing your photos and and sharing them with others. Today we’re going to be taking a look at three different services that offer the option for you to print your photos, but also do something a little more with them whether it be creating a poster, a book, or making a personalized calendar. The three services we’re looking at include Shutterfly, Winkflash, and Snapfish. If you have a favorite online photo service that you would like to recommend to others, feel free to leave a comment!

Shutterfly (link)

shutterfly logo.pngShutterfly is a photo storage solution that has been around since 1999. Not only do they offer a storage solution but they also offer all kinds of options for getting creative with your photos and turning them into personalized gifts. You can also simply just print your photos for a reasonable price.

Below you’ll find their list of print prices, for example, a standard 4×6 photo will cost you around 19 cents each. You can also sign-up for a pre-paid print plan and you’ll be able to get those same 4×6 photos for around 12 cents.

shutterfly photo.png

What they offer:

  • prints and posters
  • photo books
  • cards
  • calendars
  • t-shirts
  • accessories (totes, purses, cosmetic bags
  • photo DVDs
  • frames and albums

They’re also smart because in the left sidebar you’ll see a “solutions” section. Father’s Day is coming up and Summer is a hot time for weddings, and so they provide links to gift solutions for those events.

If you decide you want to share your photos and projects, you can create a personalized web site through Shutterfly to share, connect, and collaborate with your friends and family.

Winkflash (link)

winkflash logo.pngA couple of months ago I stumbled across Winkflash when they were having a fantastic sale on photo books. I decided to give them a try and I’ve been hooked since. One of the reasons I’ve been hooked is because of the promotions that they offer rather frequently. My only complaint is that sometimes their photo uploader has issues which can get frustrating. Other than that, they offer a lot and their customer service has always been fantastic. I emailed them with a problem once and received a response within an hour.

What they offer:

  • photo prints of various sizes
  • card and announcements
  • posters
  • albums and books
  • miscellaneous things like calendars, mugs, mouse pads, coaster sets, t-shirts, tote bags, aprons, license plates, paper weights, baby bigs, key chains, and more…

Below is a chart of some of their print prices:

winkflash 2.png

They also have a free sharing service with unlimited storage. This means you don’t have to worry about running out of storage space for your photos and sharing photos is simple. You can create folders, subfolders, and sub-subfolders if you’d like so that you can arrange your photos just how you’d like it. You can also move folders and the pictures within each folder around.

Features of their storage solution that you’ll enjoy:

  • add tags to your photos to make searching in the future easier
  • all photos are completely searchable
  • download the high-resolution version of your photo for free
  • add notes to your photos
  • view your photos as a slideshow

Given that it’s a photo sharing service, they do offer a few different options for privacy settings. You can select to make your photos available to individuals, a group of people, or you can make them available to the public.

Snapfish (link)

snapfish.pngSnapfish hasn’t always been a part of HP. They originally launched back in 2000 and then were acquired by HP in 2005. Here’s an interesting fact, as of last year, Snapfish is host to over 1 billion unique pictures and they have over 40 million members. That’s a lot of photos and a lot of members!

Like Winkflash, Snapfish offers 4×6 prints for just 9 cents each. Ordering photos continues to get cheaper and cheaper! They also have a promotion going on right now where if you’re uploading pictures for the first time, you get 20 free prints.

One of the really nice features about Snapfish is that they offer some editing tools like the option to crop photos, remove red eye, and adjust the contrast right from the site. This makes editing your photos before printing them easy and hassle free. They also provide various tips like how to shoot photos in the Winter and snow, and tips to avoid five common photography mistakes.

They too offer all kinds of different gift ideas including:

  • photo jewelry
  • posters and collages
  • flip books
  • photo books
  • stationery
  • mugs
  • mousepads
  • and more…

Wrapping it up

If you have photos that need printed or personalized gifts to give, Shutterfly, Winkflash, and Snapfish are great solutions. We know they aren’t the only solutions though, so where do you turn when you need photos printed?