Fun Friday

Like our Monday CyberNotes articles that changed themes over time, our Friday articles changed as well. We originally started with “Free for All Fridays” and we focused on finding various services or software that were free for everybody. Eventually we switched and it’s now “Fun Friday.” With these articles, we try to find something fun or funny that we think our readers will enjoy. Today’s compilation of our favorites will include articles from both themes. Enjoy!

digg effect.pngThe Analysis of a Digg Effect 4X in 10 Days
An article making the front page of Digg and the effects on the website it came from is jaw-dropping to say the least. It effects everything from the obvious such as traffic to the not so obvious like new RSS subscribers and dedicated readers. From July 1st-July 10th, CyberNet News had 4 articles make the front page of Digg. This is essentially an analysis on the 4X Digg effect we experienced complete with crazy graphs that speak for themselves on the powerfulness that Digg can have.

remember the milk.pngRemember the Milk – Free Simple Task Manager
Back in September 2006, we wrote about Remember the Milk for the first time. It’s a task manager that has come a long ways, and is quite a bit different today than what it was back in 2006. If you’re having trouble mentally managing your to-do list, you may want to check it out!

fun flash games.pngFun Flash Games For Friday!
You can never have too many games, can you? This is a collection of games that readers sent in as tips. It includes everything from Road Blocks to BowMaster.

vista jokes.pngMicrosoft Windows Vista Comics, Jokes, and Humor!
We like Windows, but sometimes you just can’t help but laugh at some of the Windows jokes. This article is a collection of humorous Windows Vista comics and jokes from all over the Net.

mouse pad couch.pngCrazy Mouse Pad Couch!
This CyberNotes is all about couches. They aren’t your ordinary everyday couches, not in the least. The collection includes a mouse pad couch, a mac couch, and a FedEx box couch. Check it out…

Best of Mac vs. PC Parodies.pngBest of Mac vs. PC Parodies
Of course everybody has seen some of the Mac vs. PC parodies, but have you seen the PC vs. Mac one that are out there?

big bang theory.pngThe Best Big Bang Theory Quotes
Without a doubt, The Big Bang Theory is a new favorite sitcom. It’s one of those shows where you’ll catch yourself literally laughing out loud. You could say the 30 minute show definitely has quite the entertainment value. This article features some of the best quotes from the show!

what kind of geek are you-1.pngWhat Kind of Geek Are You?
It’s probably safe to say that many of you who are reading this right now consider yourself a geek and you couldn’t be more proud. Today we’re asking what kind of geek are you, and I think Scott Johnson’s 56 Geeks Project will help you answer that question. He designed all of the geeks included after a sketch or two inspired him to come up with as many geeky stereotypes as he could. He ended up with 56 different ones, and they are so creative. We included 10 of the geeks I thought you guys would be able to relate to best.

life before the inernet.pngLife Before the Internet was like…
It’s hard to imagine what life was like before the Internet, isn’t it? I’ve been using it for more than half of my life, but today’s generation of kids grew up with it. Those are the kids that don’t even know the difference between life before and after the Internet came along, but I’m sure you can remember the differences, like…

photoshop mistakes.pngPhotoshop Mistakes…
This article contains some of the worst Photoshop editing jobs out there. There’s everything from extra hands to a third arm, to someone without an arm!