Microsoft/Mac Monday

As we mentioned yesterday, CyberNotes will be a little bit different this week. We’re taking a look back at our favorite CyberNotes from each day and compiling them into a summary that you can browse through. First up are our Monday articles. When we first started the CyberNotes series, Monday articles were themed “Million Dollar Monday.” We wrote about things that while they might not cost one million dollars, they were still expensive or worth a million bucks to someone. Eventually we changed the theme to “Microsoft Monday,” and more recently changed it again to “Microsoft/Mac Monday.” Today’s compilation of our favorites will include articles from all three themes. Enjoy!

best xbox case mods.pngBest Xbox 360 Case Mods
Some people like to trick out their cars with a fancy paint job and an expensive set of wheels. Others like to trick out their Xbox 360’s similarly with a fancy case modification complete with LED lights and more. Whatever you’re trickin’ out, most likely it will cost you a buck, or two, or more. It probably won’t be cheap, but in the end you’ll have some well deserved bragging rights (and maybe even an ego too) when done right! This article will point out some of the coolest Xbox 360 case modifications we’ve come across.

expensive limousines-1.pngWorld’s Most Expensive Limousines
Years ago, it was usually the millionaires, executives, and celebrities that were chauffeured around in fancy limousines, too busy to drive a car for themselves. Today, there are a plethora of different styled limousines that can be rented for a night out on the town, prom, a wedding, or a trip to the airport. It doesn’t matter how many zero’s are added at the end of your salary because limos are an affordable option to rent. Of course, just because you can rent them doesn’t mean that they aren’t expensive! Limousine companies pay a hefty price for some of these luxury vehicles, and they come in a variety of styles, and colors with features you may not even have in your home.

changing vista icons.pngChanging Icons for Windows Vista
Icons are all around us and play a big part in the user interface of an operating system because they help make your experience more convenient. Because of Icons, you’re easily able to identify the recycling bin, folders, and other elements . Not everybody likes the manila folder icons that come standard with Windows Vista. Fortunately, there are several different ways that you can go about changing these icons, or you can also create icons of your own.

web logo in to Make a Web 2.0 Logo in Paint.NET (tutorial)
Want to know how to create a Web 2.0 logo in Paint.NET? It uses all basic features in the application and it’s simple to do, assuming you have at least some experience with Paint.NET. Remember that Paint.NET is a free program but doesn’t skimp on features. Follow the basic steps in this tutorial and you’ll end up with a good lookin’ Web 2.0 logo.

facts about bill gates.pngLittle Known Facts about Bill Gates
Bill Gates is known as the World’s richest man (although he was recently de-throned), yet most people really don’t know a whole lot about the name and face behind Microsoft. This Microsoft Monday is all about Bill and some little known facts about him. We also included a photo that shows the Microsoft team in 1978, and details about where everybody is now.

groups and stacks in vista.pngWindows Explorer Groups and Stacks in Vista
Vista is more known for all of its visual appeal than it is for the “under the hood” types of features. One such feature is the new file management options in Windows Vista that allow you to sort, group, filter, and stack your files. It’s simply a new approach to organizing all of your files in Windows Explorer, and something we think you’ll find convenient. Of course there’s still the option to sort files just as you always have in XP, but there’s so much more to file management in Vista than just sorting. This article goes through how to group, filter, and stack your files in Windows Explorer.

vista time machine.pngVista Does Time Machine…Better
Apple touts their Time Machine feature in OS X as a breakthrough automatic backup system, but they’re not the only ones that offer such a thing. Believe it or not, Windows Vista has a feature that is much like Time Machine, except we’d like to think that it’s better. We’ll explain…

snipping tool for vista.pngSnipping Tool for Vista
There are a handful of features in Windows Vista that don’t get talked about very often, so many people don’t realize that they’re even there. One such tool is the Snipping tool which you’ll find in all versions of Vista starting with Vista Home Premium on up. It was originally created for those using a tablet PC, but you certainly don’t need a tablet PC to take advantage of this feature.

history of system requirements.pngHistory of Windows System Requirements
Ever since the very first version of Windows launched, technology has changed and improved by leaps and bounds. This article looks at the history of Windows system requirements which by itself, helps to show how technology has changed. We’ll start with Windows 1.0 and work our way up to Windows Vista. As you can imagine, the changes that have occurred are pretty drastic. Take a look…

macbook pro impressions.pngMacBook Pro First Impressions
Switching from Windows Vista to Mac OS X was interesting. This article talks about our first impressions, what we liked and we we didn’t like, and what it was like going from being a Windows user to an OS X user. After using Windows for so long, there were definitely things that took time to get used to.