Tutorial Thursday

On Thursdays we always try to walk you through how to do something, and over the years we have collected a rather large library of “how to” articles because of this. In fact one of my favorite articles of all-time happens to be a CyberNotes that I wrote for a tutorial. It’s not that its a really popular article, but we’ve received a lot of “thank you’s” from the people whom it has helped. It’s number three on the list below so be sure to check it out.

Here are our favorite Thursday CyberNotes articles from over the years:

recover deleted files.jpgHow to Recover Deleted Files for Free
I’m sure it’s happened to all of us where we empty the Recycle Bin only to find out later on that we would like to have one of the files back. All hope might not be lost because there are free tools available (like these) that might be able to recover the files you thought were long gone.

folder size.jpgHow to Display the Folder Size in Windows Explorer
Some people like to know where bulky files are located on their computer, and one of my favorite ways to find that out is by displaying the folder size in Windows Explorer. This will always show the folder size as you’re navigating around meaning the information is available at a glance.

change primary monitor.jpgHow to Change the Primary Monitor on a Laptop
Yep, this is my favorite article of all-time. When I was writing it I never thought it would have helped as many people as it has, and I’m thankful that others have found this trick to be useful. This is really only a workaround to a setting that should be available in Windows, but for some odd reason it’s almost always disabled.

map drive.jpgMap a FTP to a Drive in Windows
If you’re always accessing a FTP account you might want to considering mapping it to a drive in Windows. That way you’ll have one-click access to the files from within Windows Explorer, and it will be treated just like an external drive.

software update notifier.jpgCreate a Custom Software Update Notifier
There are so many different applications out there that are designed to notify you when a new version of an application becomes available. What we wanted to accomplish here was a way for you to create a completely customized software update notifier that works using RSS feeds. With it you’ll know when new versions of your favorite apps are released.

backup emails.jpgBackup Emails (Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail)
The convenience of having all of your emails located in a central account is really nice, but what would you do if all of them suddenly disappeared? Take a few minutes to backup the data using this handy little program. It works with all major email clients, and also POP3/IMAP online accounts.

flickr camera.jpgDownload & Backup Flickr Images
Flickr loves that you are uploading thousands upon thousands of images to their service, but they aren’t so fond of providing an easy way to get your images back off of Flickr. Luckily there are a few third-party tools like these that make downloading Flickr images in bulk a painless task.

notepad shortcut.jpgCreate a Shortcut to Launch Multiple Programs
I’m one of those people that get in a routine every morning, and often start the same applications each time I sit down at my computer. My browser, feed reader, email client, and such are the first things that my mouse gravitates towards. Save yourself some hassle and create one simple shortcut that can launch all of your favorite apps.

background rotate-1.jpgHow to Rotate Background Wallpapers
Liven up your computer’s desktop by rotating the background wallpaper periodically. Using this program you can grab photos from Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug, and much more.

keyboard shortcut-1.jpgOverride & Modify Keyboard Shortcuts on a Mac
The Mac operating system has an extensive keyboard shortcut system built-in, and what makes it really useful is the fact that you can create your own custom shortcuts from any command that appears in a menu.