Time Saving Tuesday

Our Tuesday CyberNotes articles have always been a favorite of mine because they focus on applications and tips that can help make you more productive. For the most part everything that’s featured in these articles is freeware, and that means almost all of our readers are able to take advantage of our tips. Plus it goes to show that making a good free application will earn itself the attention it deserves.

Here are our favorite Tuesday CyberNotes articles from over the years:

keyboard shortcut.jpgKeyboard Shortcuts for your Programs
We assembled a rather long list of where you can find keyboard shortcuts for your favorite applications. Included are web browsers, operating systems, office programs, and much more.

qttabbar.jpgQTTabBar Adds Tabs to Explorer in Vista and XP
Some file managers have found it to be in the best interest of the users to offer a tabbed navigation system, but not Windows Explorer. QTTabBar takes care of that by incorporating an excellent tab system right in Windows Explorer. Now you don’t need to have 10 different windows open for navigating through your files.

free antivirus.jpgFree Antivirus, Anti-Spyware, and Firewall Downloads
It took a little while but we assembled a rather long list of free antivirus, anti-spyware, and firewall applications. We even made sure to point out which operating system(s) each one could run on (at the time the article was written). Then for each category we left it up to our trusty readers to let us know which ones were their favorites by voting in our poll.

vista alt tab.jpgBigger Thumbnails for Vista’s Alt-Tab
Windows Vista introduced a new way to switch between running applications called Flip-3D. It’s cool and all, but I still find myself using the classic Alt-Tab combo for getting the job done. With a little bit of work you can enlarge the thumbnail previews shown in Alt-Tab so that they make better use of the screen space available.

photoscape.jpgPhotoscape Makes Image Editing Effortless
This is an image editor that is brimming with features to dazzle up those photos you have lying around on your computer. You can create collages, animated GIF’s, bulk rename files, and much more.

revo uninstaller.jpgRevo Uninstaller Cleanly Removes your Apps
When I first stumbled across this application I was thoroughly impressed with how well it worked. It was able to cleanly remove several of my applications without leaving much of a trace, and for that reason it will always have a home on my computer.

tiny apps.jpgTop 15 Ultra Tiny Apps
Most of today’s applications are becoming exceedingly large, and this article celebrates those programs who have found a way to offer something useful without compromising their size.

application launcher.jpgBest Application Launchers for Windows
Sometimes it’s hard to find an application on your computer because you have so many different ones installed, but these application launchers aim to ease the process. The articles covers various types of application launchers ranging from docks to widgets/gadgets.

burn cd.jpgFree CD, DVD, & Blu-ray Burning Software
I used to be a big fan of Nero because it was an advanced CD/DVD burning application, but it has evolved into a bloated monster over the years. The reason they’ve had to include to many new things in Nero is because free applications like these were creeping up on their territory, and they had to do something to distinguish themselves. If all you’re looking to do is burn CD’s or DVD’s then these free programs are just what the doctor ordered.

cobian backup.jpgPowerful Free Backup Software
One thing that people don’t do enough of is backing up important data. External hard drives are becoming fairly inexpensive these days which means backing up your data is pretty affordable. Cobian not only makes it easy to do this, but it also has many advanced features that would even appeal to power users.