Weekend Website

Our Weekend CyberNotes Articles originally started out as “Weekend Warrior.” We wrote about all kinds of travel sites and things that would apply to what you do on the weekend. Eventually we ran out of ideas for that topic and switched to “Weekend Website” where we feature one site each weekend that’s worth checking out. Today’s compilation of our favorites will include articles from both themes. Enjoy!

insanity cubes.pngInsanity Cubes to Help Occupy Your Time
If you plan on taking a road trip or a plane ride anytime soon, here’s a few ideas on what you can do to keep your sanity and occupy the time using puzzles (although some may drive you nearly to insanity).

farecast.pngFarecast Predicts the Best Time to Purchase Airfare
With airline ticket prices jumping around just as much as gas prices these days, you never know when the best time to buy is. It is so frustrating to buy your tickets one day only to find the next day or week later they’ve dropped in price. Airfare can become one of the most costly aspects of any trip or vacation, not to mention the hassle of constantly checking for lower prices. The site, is a great website that does a lot of the work for you and may even help you save some $$$ by telling you if they think the best time to buy is now, or if you should wait until later.

woot-1.pngWoot! One Day, One Deal
Once you make your first purchase on Woot, you certainly won’t forget it, and you’ll probably find yourself making repeated visits throughout the week. There’s one word that can sum up Woot …. Surprise! There are so many surprise elements to Woot which is why it’s half the fun that it is.

soundpedia.pngSoundpedia – Listen to Entire Albums of Songs for Free
Soundpedia allows you to listen to streamed music or watch videos right from your browser. While you can listen to entire albums, you’re not allowed to download any of the content. They have a large sampling of everything from independent artists, to commercial artists, and it’s all free. You just stream the content using their built-in player.

floorplanner.pngCreate a Floorplan with makes creating online floor plans simple and easy. If you have a room to design, this site is definitely one design tool that you’ll want to use. Best of all, it’s free and easy to use. According to their CEO, it is “so easy a child could do it, so easy a grandmother could do it, and so enjoyable to use that both would actually want to.

google trends.pngAnalyzing Competitors with Google Trends
Google Trends has proved to be a great way to see what’s hot and what’s not in Google searches. There’s a lot you can learn, particularly with their “Hot Trends” which is compiled daily. It’s also proved to be a great way to analyze search trends which is what we’ve done with some of the more popular technology competitors.

mint.pngOnline Finance Management with Mint
Mint is “Refreshing Money Management” online. Likely designed to compete (although not directly) with Quicken, one of the most popular current methods that people use to manage money, Mint is an all online version that will help you keep your finances in order. It has the capability to sync all of your accounts (bank, credit cards, etc.), and best of all, it’s free.

quick bookmarks.pngKeep Your Bookmarks Organized Online with Quick Bookmarks
With so many “social” online bookmark services available like, some of the “non-social” services have been pushed to the background. Quick Bookmarks is one of them and it’s a great tool to help you manage your personal bookmarks without the social side. Not only does it utilize tabs and groups to keep all of your important links organized, it can also be used as an RSS aggregator.

desktop wallpaper.pngFree Desktop Wallpaper Sources
This article provides you with two great sites for getting desktop wallpaper. One of those sites is Social Wallpapering, a “community effort to classify, rank, and distribute high resolution images for use as computer wallpaper.” The other site is “InterfaceLIFT” which offers free high-resolution wallpapers divided into categories based upon size.

snopes-1.pngIs that Forwarded Email Fact or Fiction?
Everyday, many of us receive a handful of forwarded emails. Many of them are the “true story” types of forwards where the author of the email is warning the reader about something they experienced or something they heard about. Often times, people read them and actually believe whatever was said, and then click “forward” and pass it along to all of their contacts. The problem with many of these “true” stories is that they are actually false. The place to go to find out whether an email is actually true or not is