Microsoft/Mac Monday

Today we’re taking a look at our Top 10 applications for the iPhone followed by a list of some of our other favorites. For those of you who have your own favorite apps, let us know what they are in the comments…

NetNewsWire (link)

NetNewsWire is an RSS reader for your iPhone and it’s a favorite because we have found it to be the fastest way to read feeds on the iPhone. You can synchronize it with FeedDemon on Windows and NetNewsWire on a Mac, or any other NewsGator product. It’s actively being developed so it’s only going to get better.


Twinkle (link)

There are a few different Twitter applications available for the iPhone but Twinkle seems to bring the best of all of them together, plus it’s free. Twinkle allows you to find other people who are twittering nearby and you can also attach images and update your location. Appearance-wise it has a fantastic interface that is easy on the eyes.

iTunes twinkle.png

Pandora/AOL Radio (link)(link)

Pandora and AOL Radio are our two favorite music streaming applications. It’s tough to pick which one is better because they serve two different purposes. Pandora sits there and analyzes the music that you like and tries to provide more of the same, while AOL Radio is more your typical radio station providing playlists not customized to the user. Both are great!

iTunes - pandora.png<iTunes - aol.png

YP Mobile/Yelp (link)(link)

We decided to combine the Mobile and Yelp together because when we were on vacation, both helped us find restaurants and attractions. Yelp was nice because you could read the reviews right from the iPhone of what people thought of the service listed. It would be great if people could add reviews right from the app, but they don’t at this point. Overall, both are helpful for when you are in unfamiliar areas and you are looking for restaurants or places to go.

iTunes - ypmobile.png<iTunes - yelp.png

Super Monkey Ball (link)

Super Monkey Ball is one of the apps that you have to pay for to enjoy. The cost is $9.99 and it’s definitely one of the most talked about and most popular games for the iPhone. They have included 110 different stages which makes it worth the money. It’s not something you’ll beat in just a couple of hours, that’s for sure.

It took us a little while to get used to keeping our hand steady so that the monkey wouldn’t go falling off the edge. It’s extremely sensitive, but if it weren’t, it would make the game too easy and less fun to play.

iTunes - monkey ball.png

Sudoku Unlimited (link)

The cost for Sudoku Unlimited is $2.99. It includes three different skins to choose from so that you have a variety of appearances to choose from, including a hand written one that really makes it look like you are writing your answers out on a piece of paper.

Sudoku Unlimited allows you to put notes in any of the cells which is really nice. I don’t know about you, but we tend to make notes all of the time on a Sudoku puzzle, especially the tricky ones, so this is a must-have feature.

With five difficulty settings, Sudoku Unlimited appeals to a wide-array of players. It automatically generates the puzzles so that you never run out, which is nice as well. Both Ryan and I really like Sudoku, so for $2.99, we couldn’t pass up Sudoku Unlimited!

iTunes - sudoku.png

Zenbe Lists (link)

Using Zenbe lists, you can create all of your lists (like grocery) online and then sync them to your iPhone. You can also share lists with others which is helpful. For example, I can share a list with Ryan and he can share one with me. The interface for both the online and iPhone portions are really intuitive. This is one of those applications that can help you become more productive and save you time.

iTunes - zenbe.png

WeatherBug (link)

The iPhone comes with a weather application, but the WeatherBug application is able to provide many more details like wind speed, severe weather alerts, detailed forecasts, and more. The radar makes use of the built-in Google maps so that you can really zoom in and get to your local area to see if a storm is close to you or not.

iTunes - weatherbug.png

Exposure (link)

Exposure has both a free and paid version available, with the paid version costing $9.99. The free version pays for itself with unobtrusive advertisements, and this is the version we use. Exposure makes it really easy to show photos to people from Flickr and view images posted by your contacts. You can search for nearby geo-tagged photos and general searching of all photos on Flickr is available as well.

iTunes - exposure.png

eBay Mobile (link)

eBay Mobile makes it easy to search and manage items from your eBay account. Users can view auctions they are watching, view items they are selling, and more. You can also bid on items right from the app.

We’ve found this app to be the most handy when we were out at a store and wanted to see if something was a good deal or not. All it took was a quick search using this app to get eBay results. You really get a full eBay experience using this application.

iTunes - ebay mobile.png

Other Apps we like:

These are free unless otherwise noted.

  • AccuFuel ($0.99)- helps you monitor your vehicle’s fuel efficiency
  • Box Office – read reviews of movies, locate theaters and show times, and purchase tickets
  • Carrie’s Dots – (free version is 2 player only) – this is the classic game of filling in the squares by drawing a line
  • Cube Runner – a good free example of using the iPhone’s accelerometer in a game
  • Facebook – Facebook fans will love Facebook on their iPhone!
  • iChoose – indecisive? This app provides with with a random yes/no, coin toss, dice roll and card choice to make decisions for you
  • Mobile News Network – this app is brought to you by the Associated Press and helps you keep up with the latest news around the globe.
  • Morocco – the classic game of Othello
  • myLite – flashlight app (free, and one of the best)
  • PegJump – the classic wooden peg game
  • Remote – by Apple, for remotely controlling iTunes
  • Scribble – draw a design and then shake to erase
  • Shazam – helps you identify a song when you don’t know what it is
  • SportsTap – gets all of your sports scores
  • WordPress – create and edit content on your WordPress blog