Million Dollar Monday

About a month ago, we wrote about the Philips In Touch, a message board of the future; part of the Simplicity brand that Philips has recently introduced.  It’s described as simple technology that makes sense, and that’s easy to use — “technology that’s pure simplicity.” The In Touch is undoubtedly unique, innovative, and simply cool.  Last week in London, Philips held their Simplicity Event to debut their products that are expected to hit the market shortly.  Here’s CyberNet’s top 5 items from Philips Simplicity Line:

— Wall Mounted Artificial Sun —

With Winter just around the corner, there’s sure to be those consecutive days without a sighting of the sun, and there are certainly days when a little sunshine would make the day just a little bit better. However, would an artificial sun actually do the trick? Philips has introduced a wall mounted artificial sun that is supposed to boost your energy, and control your body clock by using natural light rhythms.

— Drag & Draw —

Next on the list is the Drag and Draw. With the use of a magic brush, a magic eraser, a magic wand, and a laser projection bucket, your entire home is a blank canvas waiting for kids (and adults!) to express themselves.


— Wake-up Light —

Most mornings, the blaring sound of the alarm clock doesn’t exactly give me a good start to the day.  Philips has designed a wake-up-light that gradually increases the intensity of the light it is giving off.  It is designed to simulate the sun rising in your room to gently, gradually wake you up.  You’re able to adjust how bright you want the light so that you feel energized when it’s time to wake up.

— Versa Tiles —

 Versa Tiles is a floor based game to get you moving! It’s a set of floor tiles that can be reconfigured to stimulate young children and even teenagers.  The interactive game requires some physical movement and keeps you moving!


— uWand —

The uWand is definitely one of the most unique items from the simplicity line.  It was designed as a way to allow a user to interact with all of the digital toys around them in a “natural and self-expressive way.” By pointing at various digital devices (like Stereos, TVs, Framed Photographs, etc.) you can use the wand to scroll, select, play, move elements, etc.  It is essentially a universal remote for every all of the digital toys you have around.

Unfortunately prices aren’t  available, however just looking at the innovation that is involved is a good inclination that some of the items will be costly when they are released.