Fun Friday

Today we bring you some of the worst (although we’re sure there’s even worse out there) Photoshop editing jobs out there. Most of the photos come from the Photoshop Disasters Blog which is definitely worth taking a look at…

Notice the extra hand? (Source)

photoshop mistakes 1.png

And yet another extra hand! (Source)

photoshop mistakes 2.png

Since when does the iPhone run XP? (Source)

photoshop disaster 3.png

A third arm… (Source)

photoshop mistakes 3.png

It’s a VT Remote (upside down) (Source)

photoshop mistakes 5-1.png

Born without a belly button? (Source)

photoshop mistake 7-1.png

Missing a head! (Source)

photoshop mistake 8.png

A few extra fingers and hands… (Source)

photoshop mistake 9.png

Ahh! A hand without an arm… (it made the front page of a newspaper) (Source)

photoshop mistake 9-1.png