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When you’re traveling with a notebook, sometimes life would be a little easier and more comfortable if you had a laptop desk. There are multiple benefits from using one such as helping to keep your laptop cool and off of your lap! Another benefit is simply comfort. You can find laptop desks that can be adjusted so you can get the perfect height and others with arm rests. Some of them have room for an external mouse which can help out quite a bit. This article will give you a quick rundown of 4 different portable laptop desks that might suit your needs. LapinatorFirst on the list is Lapinator’s 18 inch Lapinator Plus. It uses Thinsulate to block 95% of the heat to help keep your laptop cooler. It will cost around $29.95 and will keep you and your laptop comfortable. It is perfect in size for 17″ notebooks and measures 18x12x1 inches. You will have 18 inches of workspace and depending on the size of your computer, will have enough room for a mouse. Ultralite Next is the Laptop Desk UltraLite from LapWorks. This would be ideal for computers under 5 pounds. One of the great things about it is that it can be converted into a desktop stand for your notebook. . It has non-slip pads all over for extra grip and to increase ventilation. It also has 5 incline positions to give you the perfect work station, plus it has the added room for a mouse. Measurements are 22″ long x 11″, and the price is around $29.95. Targus Third on the list is the Targus Ergo d-Pro Desktop Notebook Stand. This option is a bit more pricey at $99.99, but is backed by the brand. Targus is a well known, respected maker of computer accessories. A couple things make this one stand out. First it has a document holder that is placed straight ahead for easy viewing. It also has built-in security slot feature that secures the stand. It weighs about 7.7 lbs and measures approximately 12.8″ x 12.3″ x 3″ up to 10″.And of course, it has adjustable heights and tilted angles to give you the most ergnomic stand. Targus Mac The last laptop desk is also a Targus but is made for Mac’s. It’s called the Targus Podium CoolPad for Mac and is very affordable at $29.99. As a sidenote they also have a non-mac version of this available for the same price. The CoolPad will suite your iBook or PowerBook well. It allows for 360 degree rotation making it a great tool for giving presentations or group meetings. It features rubber pads on the bootom for a secure grip, and as with most laptop desks, it helps the computer breath and get some ventilation. Measurements are approximately 10.25″ x 8.75″ x 2″. Portable laptop desks make a great traveling companion if you’re bringing your laptop. They’re also convenient for everday use to help your notebook get some ventilation, not to mention keep your lap from getting burned. If you don’t have one, you may want to consider getting one.