Weekend Warrior

When I’m planning a trip, I like to make good use of the Internet to research where I’m going, what to do while I’m there, arrange transportation, and learn a little bit about the culture if it’s a foreign destination. I’ve found that one of the best ways to learn about where I’m going is to talk to those that have been there before. The internet has made it a lot easier to find travelers who have been to or are going to the same destination. A website called is an up to date world wide travel guide that is very similar to Wikipedia with the content edited and added by its’ users.


Wikitravel was created in 2003 and is essentially a travel encyclopedia filled with information on every travel destination imaginable. It makes it easy to learn about where you’re going with the help of those that have experienced it and have contributed their knowledge. One of the features that is particularly interesting is the destination of the month in which a country is spotlighted. Another feature is the ‘Off The Beaten Path‘ section to learn about an unusual destination. This month’s ‘Off the beaten path’ is a spotlight on Denali National Park in Alaska. The site is easy to navigate with areas of the world broken down into regions/continents. Clicking on a region will pull up all of the countries within, and from there you can get specific details on each location. I clicked on the Caribbean, and from there clicked on the Bahamas. There’s information like what to buy, where to eat, information about the climate, history, etc. The benefit of this site using the ‘wiki’ format is that the information that is given is probably from someone who has either vacationed there, or lived there, and they probably know a lot about the area. I was disappointed at the lack of content that some of the locations have. Some of the areas less traveled aren’t filled with nearly the amount of information as other more popular areas such as the United Kingdom. Particularly one area of interest to me is Grand Caymen. Thus far there is very little information available. WikiTravel is good resource to check while planning and researching your vacation. While you won’t be able to find everything you’d need to know, it’s a good start. The information is almost always accurate (when it’s not, you can bet users quickly edit it)and it’s up-to-date. If you’re planning a vacation and you need some advice, check out WikiTravel.