Time Saving Tuesday

Everyone hates having to provide their email address to sites because they just aren’t sure what kind of spam they’ll receive. That’s why we have spam filters but you know those don’t always work (GMail does do a pretty amazing job though).

I have a few different sites that I am going to tell you about that all offer temporary email addresses for you to use. Each one operates in a different way which means you might find one that you like more than the others.

–Dodge It (homepage)–

Dodge It

Dodge It is close to my favorite solution out of the three that I have listed. There is no setup process that you need to go through before hand…just send the email to any address that you want.

There is no password protection or security features which is something you should keep in mind. You can view almost any email address simply by typing it into the homepage. I say almost because users can choose to make a small donation and in return they can get a password protected account. For those RSS junkies out there you can subscribe to any address’s Inbox!

It is also important to note that you cannot delete emails that you receive at any address. They will automatically delete any emails after 7-days, which can be a little long for most people.


–Mail Expire (homepage)–

Mail Expire Mail Expire also has a unique approach to spam because they let you utilize your current email address without exposing it to spammers. All you have to do is enter in your current email address and how long you want the account to stay open. It also has a field for a reminder so that every time you receive an email it will remind you what the account was created for.

After you fill in all of the fields you just have to hit the “go” button and it will generate your temporary email address for you to use. Then just activate the account with the verification email that they send.


–Temporary Inbox (homepage)–

Temporary Inbox

Temporary Inbox is no doubt the coolest solution out of the three. It is kind of a combination of the above two sites and brings the best features into one solution. You can have it randomly generate your email address or you can just start sending email to any account. Then, just like Dodge It, you can pull up the email for accounts that you never even bothered to setup. They will delete your emails after 6 hours so don’t expect them to sit there forever but they do also let you manually delete them if you choose.

The most unique thing about Temporary Inbox is the Firefox extension that they have available. You can pretty much do everything right from your toolbar so that you save yourself a few steps.



Even though all of the different email companies offer spam protection you should still make an effort to keep your inbox clean. I’m sure most of you probably use GMail as your primary email address and have a Hotmail or Yahoo account specifically designed to collect your spam. That’s another good solution but I actually think it is quicker to access the temporary email addresses than it is to log into an account to retrieve an email.