Imagine traveling from Key West to Cuba in just 20 minutes. This is the goal of the Sea Phantom, a concept boat designed by David Borman. It’s been in the making for several years now, and more recently in Mid 2006, was undergoing sea trials.  Currently, the prototype doesn’t go the planned 150 miles per hour quite yet, but that’s the ultimate goal.

The prototype has a platform that’s based off of NASA’s Lifting-Body Airfoil design, and according to the official website for Sea Phantom, they say:

Fast boats have their appeal, but hard pounding and massive fuel consumption would leave them useless as practical maritime surface transport – nor much fun for our landlubber friends. Maritime Flight Dynamics’ solution is to fly just above the wave crests, on proprietary shock dampened ‘foils’.

The Airfoil lifts this boat above the water which helps prevent a bumpy ride, and the reduced friction makes it a more fuel efficient boat with higher speeds that are easier to attain.

David Borman has ambitious plans with the Sea Phantom:

Imagine: direct travel, city centre to city centre, directly from one waterfront downtown to another; faster than the taxi ride to and from your local airport. To render the ‘Blue Highways’ vision of many municipalities a reality. And in the meantime, have a lot of fun doing it!

The first model that will be available to consumers would potentially cost between $400,00 and $600,000.  Their saying is “Helicopter speed. Powerboat price. The movie below gives you a short glimpse at what the Sea Phantom was able to do during sea trials. Is it worth the price?

Source: Gizmodo