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Over the last couple of years, Remember the Milk has done a great job of making a name for themselves. We wrote about them for the first time almost exactly two years ago and described them as a free, simple task manager. At that point they were still in beta and even then they had come a long way. As they approach their three year anniversary which is coming up in October, we thought we’d take another look at the service which has made a big difference in how people manage their task lists.

Remember the Milk has a whole list of official services which you can view here. Those services range from Remember the Milk (RtM) for Twitter to a Mobile Version which makes for easy management of your tasks on the go. Today we’ll be covering four official RtM services available including the Mobile Version, RtM for Netvibes, Gmail, and Twitter.

Mobile Version

Many people who have mobile phones also use them for browsing the Internet. RtM has a fairly nice mobile version available, for free by visiting

We decided to put the mobile version to the test, and it’s pretty nice. As an iPhone user, one of the first downsides I noticed is that they use numbers as shortcuts for accessing the various menus. Because a key pad isn’t available to me, I’m not able to, for example, press 1 to view today’s tasks.

If you have a phone with a physical key-pad, the mobile version of Remember the Milk will benefit you the most.

Here are a few features accessible to you:

  • Add new tasks and notes
  • Edit existing tasks and notes
  • Search your tasks
  • View tasks by list or tag

rtm - mobile.png


Netvibes has become a pretty popular personalized start page, similar in purpose to iGoogle and My Yahoo!. Remember the Milk has created a Netvibes module so that users can manage their tasks right from their Netvibes start page.

All you have to do to add the Netvibes module to your page is click here.

rtm netvibes.png

Like the mobile version, it is pretty full-featured with the option to add and edit tasks, review your overdue tasks, and search for them as well. Above is a screenshot which shows you what the module looks like on your page.

For Gmail...

With the help of a Firefox extension, Remember the Milk can be viewed right from Gmail. Ryan wrote about this back in December when it was first introduced and said it made RtM the task manager service on the Internet.

This Remember the Milk extension takes advantage of the Greasemonkey functionality that Google introduced in Gmail 2 and will allow you to manage all of your tasks in a sidebar to the right of your Inbox. You can add, remove, and organize your tasks, without ever leaving Gmail.

rtm for gmail.png

Another nice feature is that you can connect tasks with your mail. RtM can automatically create a task when you star a message or apply a specific label to it. This is something you can enable in your settings.

For Twitter…

Remember the Milk for Twitter is actually more amazing than it seems at first glance. If you regularly use Twitter, you can very easily, with the help of commands, update and maintain your entire list of to-do’s. And because Twitter can be updated via SMS, you can keep your to-do list up-to-date with the help of your mobile phone.

To use this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for Twitter if you haven’t already
  2. Add RtM as your friend on Twitter, this is essential
  3. From there interact with your task list using commands

This is one of those features that can really increase your productivity, and it’s nice because you can also receive task reminders as direct messages to your Twitter account if you so choose.

Here’s an example of a command you can use. Say you’re getting ready to leave for work, but before you do, you’d like to see the tasks that you need to complete. From the direct message page on Twitter, you can send the following command: !today. Once the command has been sent, you’ll get a Twitter message with the tasks that need to be completed. If you were on your mobile phone, the command you would enter would be d rtm !today.

Wrapping it up…

Today we talked about just four of many services that Remember The Milk Offers. If you are in need of a way to keep yourself organized, we’d suggest trying out RtM, and then taking a look at a list of services they offer. They can’t be beat!

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