Time Saving Tuesday

I frequently get asked how people can setup their own FTP. Some of the current programs available always seem intimidating with the extensive list of configuration options when most people only want to access their own documents when they’re away from their PC.

In the past I have always recommended the free GuildFTPD, but getting it to work can be a hit or miss. So I started searching around for another tool that you could use, and I found just the thing!

The answer to your FTP server problem is the Quick ‘n Easy FTP Server Lite (Download Mirror). It is an easy-to-use FTP server application that you can setup in less than 30–seconds…no joke. The download weighs in at a measly 0.35MB and there is no installation necessary. Just run the executable file and start configuring your FTP server.

Once you get it running you’ll be greeted with a wizard to walk you through the necessary steps to complete the setup. As seen here, the only thing it really asks for is a username, password, a starting directory, and permissions for your server:

FTP Server FTP Server FTP Server FTP Server

After the setup is complete just press the green “Start” button located on the toolbar. This will initiate your FTP server so that you can connect to it using Windows Explorer (by placing FTP:// in front of your IP address) or by using a free FTP client such as my favorite FileZilla.

After you get it all setup, there are a bunch of different things you can do with the program including viewing statistics or adding more users. With an interface that closely resembles Windows XP it should be a breeze for you to tinker around with what it has to offer:

FTP Server

The only thing that would probably prevent you from getting the FTP server setup in less than 30–seconds would be port forwarding. By default this program uses the default FTP port 21 which you may have to forward if you’re using a router at your home. This is pretty easy to do and your router’s documentation should explain how to do it.

I have never seen a program that makes it so easy to setup your own personal FTP, but this one does a very good job of it. They also have a Pro version available for $29.95, but I think you’ll be more than satisfied with what the free version has to offer. 

Quick ‘n Easy FTP Server Lite Homepage (Download Mirror)