Weekend Warrior
In talking about easy ways to stay connected to the Internet while traveling, we’ve covered the EVDO card which allows you to connect via a cellular network such as Verizon or Cingular. Companies are taking the concept of EVDO wireless connections a little further and have designed EVDO routers to give you a portable wireless connection to share.

One such router is the Kyocera KR1. This router allows users to share an EVDO connection over an 802.11b/g Wi-Fi network and lets you send data over CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) cellular networks. This particular router, the KR1, was created through a partnership between Kyocera and D-Link. D-Link provided the routing and Wi-Fi capabilities while Kyocera handled the EVDO development.

There are two ways that you can get an EVDO connection with your router. The first way is to use an EVDO modem that would plug into the PC card slot. The other option is to use the USB port to connect an EVDO enabled phone to the router.

More recently, Sprint announced they were working on their own EVDO router partnered with Linksys. Along with the new router will be a USB Dongle which will give EVDO capabilities to the owners of laptops that are without a PC card slot, something that could become quite useful! Recently released is the Dell XPS M1210 with built in EVDO capabilities. Now how cool is that?

With all of the EVDO technology that is becoming available, staying connected while you are away from home isn’t so hard after all. Think about it, you could have an instant office anywhere on the go!