Fun Friday

Signs of Life is a website I recently stumbled across and it’s an ongoing community project where people can submit photos of signs that “transcend their objectivity to reveal our humanity.” In their “Frequently Asked Questions” section they explain that the signs can have a funny spelling, a grammatical error, another meaning, or it could simply be the existence of the sign itself that makes it worth submitting. After flipping through a few of the submitted photos, I thought several of them were worth sharing. Today’s Fun Friday is collection of photos I found from the Signs of Life site. I highly recommend going to their site to look through more of them if you have a spare minute, they’re all pretty funny.


sign 1

Found in Parks, Canada. Use Caution when hiking! (Note: In case you’re wondering, explosives are used to trigger avalanches in this area, hence the sign)

The sign reads: Danger: Explosives on the mountain. Unexploded Warheads or Avalauncher Projectiles may be found in the target area.  Unexploded Warheads or Projectiles may be distorted.  If you find a Warhead or Projectile do the following:

  1. Do not touch or disturb.
  2. Mark the location at a distance of 3-4 metres
  3. Immediately report location to the Warden Service

–Good Dog!–

sign 2

Found in North Vancouver

–Separation of Church and State–

sign 3

Actual street signs found in Redlands, California

–Elderly Crossing–

sign 4

This sign is actually found in the Cayman Islands. Here it’s Deer Crossing signs. There it’s Elderly Crossing signs!

–Those coconuts are dangerous!–


Found in none other than Hawaii!

–Only in Texas–


–A Hot Dog is There to Help!–

sign 7

–Animals could eat you!–

sign 8 

Found at the Knoxville Zoo

–Trash does not belong in the toilet–

sign 9

Visit the Iron Furnace in Illinois and this is what you’ll find.


sign 10

Not your typical warning sign.