If you can nod your head in agreement to some of the statements below, there’s a chance that technology has taken over your life…

  1. When you go into a computer store, you eavesdrop on a salesperson talking with customers — and you butt in to correct him and spend the next twenty minutes answering the customers’ questions, while the salesperson stands by nodding his head.
  2. Off the top of your head, you can think of nineteen keystroke symbols that are far more clever than :-).
  3. On vacation, you are reading a computer manual and turning the pages faster than everyone else who is reading John Grisham novels.
  4. The thought that a CD could refer to finance or music rarely enters your mind.
  5. You own a set of itty-bitty screw-drivers and you actually know where they are (and use them).
  6. You are so knowledgeable about technology that you feel secure enough to say “I don’t know” when someone asks you a technology question instead of feeling compelled to make something up.
  7. You back up your data everyday.
  8. You can’t help but wonder what it would be like if Google indexed your house so that you’d always know where everything is at (car keys!).
  9. You have never sat through an entire movie without having at least one device on your body beep or buzz.
  10. You think of your gadgets as “friends,” but you forget to send your father a birthday card.
  11. When you hear Wow, you automatically think World of Warcraft or Microsoft’s Vista campaign.
  12. You have no hesitations with naming your child LOL or LMAO…

joy of tech joke


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