Free For All Friday

We’ve become all too familiar with social sites like MySpace, Facebook, Bebo to name the few major ones. However, I wouldn’t consider any of the above mentioned to be family oriented or “safe” for all ages. This is where a website called famster comes in.  If you couldn’t tell from the name, famster is geared towards families and provides a safe environment for all ages.  They’ve been in the web hosting business for while and more recently the famster site (in beta) seems to be gaining in popularity.
Famster Home Page

Here’s a quick summary of some of the things you’re able to do. First, sharing photos and videos is made simple with Famster. There’s also the option to maintain a family blog, or family tree. You’re able to keep a list of your favorite sites, recipes, for others to see. These options can be public so that anyone who comes to the site can see them or they can be password protected and made private.

You’d want to first start by creating an account. This is simple and easy, and many people use their last name as their account name. The address for your account would be This site was designed for the average everday user, no tech saviness required. One of the first things I noticed is that it is all designed with Flash which makes it easy on the eyes. This works just fine for the average user, although it does cause some limitations.
Famster Photo Albums

I took a look at their “about” page and they say that 1 in every five children will be approached by a predator on the Internet. Their goal is to provide a safe family friendly environment.  As part of this, they keep you up to date with current registered sex offender alerts and offer other security features.

 There’s lots of extras in case you’re not fully satisfied like a file cabinet where you can upload files to store or make available for your family and friends to view.  After creating an account and playing around with famster for a while, it seems to be a good option for families who are wanting a social site that is family friendly and safe with lots of features!