Weekend Warrior

When you’re traveling for a vacation and you’ve brought your camera along, you may run into the problem of where to put all of your pictures. Sure you could get another memory card, or even a bigger one, but there are other solutions out there that may be worth investing in or looking into.

— Laptop —

The most obvious solution, and perhaps the cheapest solution is to bring your laptop.  This would be the cheapest option if you already have a computer for other purposes.  Purchasing a laptop just to store photos isn’t necessary.  Of course, even if you have a laptop you may not want to have to worry about carrying it, losing it, or damaging it, etc.  This is where the other alternatives come into play.

Sony DVDirect MC1

Yet another solution is the Sony DVDirect MC1 (pictured).  With this device, you’re able to record digital images with the difference being that you don’t need a computer! Additionally, with the Sony DVDirect MC1, you can connect to a PC using USB 2.0. Prices are in the $200 range which may be worth it!

Apple iPod —

It seems that everyone is getting in on the iPod craze.  If you have an Apple iPod (video version), you can purchase an iPod camera link connector that will enable you to transfer your pictures directly to your camera.  Using an iPod is a lightweight solution for storing your images.

— SmartDisk FCD20 FotoChute 20GB Portable Digital Storage Device —

This SmartDisk FotoChute is self explanatory with 20GB of room for portable digital storage.  It’s pocket sized which makes it easy and convenient to you, and with lots of storage it provides you with the perfect way to store your photos when you’re on vacation or away from your computer for extended lengths of time.  Its’ retail price is listed as over $400.00 but you can generally find them on sale (here) for $99.00.

 Whether you’re traveling for business or for fun, there are many different types of portable storage devices available to suit your needs. These devices range from your own laptop to an Apple iPod with varying prices as well.  With any of these devices, you’ll never have to worry about running out of room for all your photos again!