Weekend Warrior

There are all kinds of gadgets designed specifically for traveling.  Here are some of the best ones that you probably haven’t heard about.

–Solar Powered Cooling Pith Helmet–

First up is the Safari-grade helmet from Hammacher.  It may look a little funny, but it will be sure to keep you cool when you’re out in the hot weather.  It uses rays of the sun to power a small fan, and a quiet motor is powered by compact solar panels.  Have no worries either, at night or when the clouds are covering the sun, you can power this hat by using two AA batteries.  It’s made from straw that is lightweight and easy to carry.  Also important to note: Apparently it’s pretty popular! Hammacher is all sold out “due to the popularity of the item!”

Price: $49.95

–Cell Phone Mini Projector–

I bet you never thought your phone could also be a projector! Code named GPP, it has not yet been released yet to the public, but could possibly be a great tool for those traveling on business.  You’re able to transform your cell phone into a very portable projector.  While the size may be a little large for a phone, it works greats as an ultra portable projector.  It also has a swivel LCD screen, and a D-pad to control navigation menu.

Price: No price yet, it hasn’t been released.


— Solar Generator Briefcase–

This is another item you probably haven’t ever thought about before.  If you carry around a briefcase when you travel, why not carry the Solar generator briefcase? It’s perfect for the great outdoors when you don’t have electricity.  You could always drag along a gas powered generator, or you could simply use the SOL8-Solar Generator Briefcase.  It’s powerful enough to run laptops, small tools, DC refrigerators, GPS, etc.  Two solar panels on this briefcase generate 13 watts of power! It’s fairly lightweight and small at 9.7lbs., and measuring 20.1 x 14.7 x 1.6 inches.

Price: $139.95


This is a pretty clever way to make use of that empty PC card slot in your laptop. The StashCard is exactly what the name says.  It looks like a card, and it’s perfect for stashing a variety of things like:

  • Memory cards
  • Money
  • Stamps
  • Extra keys
  • Screen cleaning clothes
  • Photos

Not to mention, it’s also really affordable!

Price: $7.95

— Inflatable Massage Chair–

Last on the list is the inflatable massage chair.  It would work well when you’re traveling for business, and you don’t have all of the comforts of home, like relaxing in your favorite chair.  It inflates electrically in less than 2 minutes, and includes a remote handset.  It also has three levels of intensity with massage zones in the back.  Great for a massage, on the go!

Price: $49.97

Source: Techeblog