CyberNotes Weekend Warrior

Staying connected while you are traveling can be fairly easy and affordable if you plan ahead. These days, with easily accessible high speed internet, using your laptop while traveling really isn’t a whole lot different than using it at home or at the office. Even without a laptop, it’s easy to stay connected with devices such as the Blackberry. There’s lots of easy ways to stay connected from Wi-Fi hotspots, to using your cell as a modem. This will be a quick guide to keeping you connected while traveling!


One of the easiest ways to stay connected without carrying around the baggage of a laptop is the Blackberry mentioned above. For those unfamiliar with the Blackberry, it is a wireless e-mail solution that many professionals use to stay connected. Not only can you keep up with your e-mail, you can also send and receive instant messages, and browse the web. They are gaining in popularity with big name providers in the U.S. such as T-Mobile, Verizon, and Cingular all offering service plans.

Dell EVDO Card

Another easy way to stay connected is by using an EVDO card. We recently profiled the newest release from Dell, the Wireless 5700 Express Card. An EVDO card is similar to a typical Wi-Fi card except that it allows you to connect via a cellular network such as Verizon or Cingular. The recent release from Dell operates on the Verizon network with speeds of 400-700 kbps. It is also capable of bursts up to 2 Mbps! Pretty impressive and easy to use while on the go! Rates from Verizon can be from $59.99 – $80 per month depending on if you are an existing customer or not. I think we can expect EVDO cards to gain in popularity as rates among providers become more competitive.

Wireless Travel Routers

Wireless travel routers are another great way to stay connected. Netgear has a wireless 54 Mbps travel router that is super portable and easy to travel with it literally can fit into your pocket! It features an internal antenna so you never have to worry about breaking or bending anything while you’re on the go. Plus, it can be used with a single user or set up to allow multiple users connecting to the connection. It will run about $60.00 but will make connecting at a hotel quick, easy, and very portable! Both Belkin and Dlink make a similar product.

Finally, one of the easiest ways to get connected is to find a Wi-Fi hotspot! There’s lots of them popping up all around. Here, you can find an international directory of Wi-Fi locations. It will pull up lengthy lists of locations from hotels and Starbucks to Kinkos and bookshops. While some of these locations will charge a fee, others offer a completely free Wi-Fi connection. will even sort your results by those that charge, and those that are free! It can’t get any easier than that.

Whether you’re traveling at home or abroad, staying connected to the internet really isn’t so difficult after all! To re-cap:

  • Stay connected with a Blackberry the ultra portable wireless solution!
  • EVDO Cards can make connecting anywhere you go pretty easy, not to mention fast using a provider such as Verizon.
  • Wireless Travel Routers Super small and great for connecting in your hotel room, or shacking up at your friend’s house.