Million Dollar Monday

Suzuki is changing the way that you’ll be seeing your movies! There’s no need to go to a theater,with the Suzuki Drive-In Home Theater Concept Car.  The XL7 Flix is perfect for any movie enthusiast who just can’t get enough. This concept car puts your movie entertainment into your own hands. Check it out:

The XL7 Flix features a clamshell roof.  Drive to the perfect location like the park, beach, or wherever you prefer to watch your movies, and the clamshell room opens up. It opens to a moonroof which serves as a 40 inch movie screen, right from your very own car.

This could revolutionize camping trips, and there’d be no need for outdoor theaters (the few that exist anyways).  It uses a powerful digital projection system so that you can project your movies to just about any surface, like buildings, billboards, or of course, the 40 inch movie screen.

The picture above shows what the view would look like from sitting in your entertainment system on wheels.  It includes a high definition DVD player with an integrated hard drive for AV storage, along with a professional THX/SDS theater quality sound system.

Checkout those pivoting quarter window speakers!  To top off this entertainment system, there are 4 bucket seats that each pivot 180 degrees so you can have the perfect view(although, they don’t exactly look comfortable for a long road trip).

Talk about your own private screening room on wheels! This Suzuki XL7 Flix concept car is taking you to the movies!


News Source: Auto Motto