Web Browser Wednesday

The bookmarks in your browser are probably one of the most valuable things you have invested in your browser…well, besides for your passwords. If you ever lost them I’m sure you would start scrambling trying to remember all the sites you had bookmarked.

Many of you are probably already using services like that integrate well with most browsers. What if you could use the built-in bookmarking capabilities of Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE) all while harnessing the power of synchronization? I know, it almost sounds weird that people would want to keep their bookmarks synchronized between both Firefox and IE, but it is actually more common than you think.

Firefox IE Sync

I have lost count of how many people ask me if there is a way to synchronize the bookmarks between the two browsers. The most common reasoning behind it is that they use Firefox at home and Internet Explorer at work.

If you’re one of these people then you need to checkout Zinkmo. It is a free service that not only lets you share your bookmarks between the two browsers, but it also lets you synchronize them across multiple computers. Privacy is also very important to me, and Zinkmo definitely recognizes its importance by letting you choose which bookmarks/folders are public and which ones are private.

There is a small program that they require you to download and install before using the Zinkmo service. Here are a few screenshots from the installation with questions that they ask:

Zinkmo Zinkmo


Then I went ahead and looked at what the Internet Explorer integration had to offer:

Zinkmo Zinkmo Zinkmo


The Firefox extension has to be installed separately, and unfortunately it doesn’t have quite as many features as the Internet Explorer counterpart, but it does include the privacy option:



After I had it all setup in both browsers I began synchronizing a few bookmarks. The service worked very well and was surprisingly fast. There are two things, however, that makes the online bookmark management so wonderful: it checks for broken and duplicate links! Thats right, you’ll finally be able to go through all of those bookmarks that you have had sitting around for years without doing the grunt work yourself:


If you’ve been looking for a way to access your bookmarks no matter where you’re at, then Zinkmo will probably be just what you’re looking for. The service is completely free and definitely deserves a shot!