Time Saving Tuesday

It was about 4-years ago that I was looking for a nice piece of software that would clean up my music a little bit. I always took the time to make my filenames for my MP3 files look nice by formatting them as “Artist – Song.mp3″ and I would place all the songs from the same artist in a single folder. The problem was that I couldn’t find an easy way to edit the tags of all those songs until I found TagScanner.

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The TagScanner program is very easy to use but is also extremely customizable. I was able to have it go through all of my music files and remove all of the tags. After it completed that task I had it go back through and generate the ID3v2 tags based on the file name I assigned it. I only had it fill in the artist and song title fields and made it leave the rest of the fields blank. After several minutes it had scoured through more than 1500 songs which would have taken me hours to do myself.

TagScanner also has a wide range of other features such as generating file names based on the tags, which is the reverse of what I used it for above. Heck, you can even have it go to the Internet to see if it can find the information for the song. You don’t have to worry about your folder structure either because there is an option to have it dig deep into all your subfolders to make sure it finds all the music files.

If you have a large music collection on your computer then you should have TagScanner there to help you keep those tags nice and tidy. Best of all is that this software will not cost you anything, it is absolutely FREE! CNet gives this software 5/5 stars and it has been downloaded over 350,000 times. I also give it 5/5 stars because I have been using it for more than 4-years and have never needed to find another piece of software that handled the tags any better. Hope you like it as much as I have.