Weekend Website

School is back in session which means students will be taking pages upon pages of notes. There’s the traditional paper/pencil route that many people use to take notes, others use a text editor. In case you’re looking for something a little bit different than the two more popular methods, you’ll want to check out  I always preferred to take my notes in Microsoft Word, but NoteSake would be a nice online alternative if I were still a student.

The first thing you’ll want to do is register.  You’ll have to do this, obviously, if you want to take notes. Registering is simple, and only takes a minute.


–Use for your own notes, or share with a group–

One of the nice things about is that you can use it for your own personal notes, or you can use it to share your notes among a group and view their notes as well.  Groups are usually a huge part of most college courses, even if it’s just a group of students to study with, so this feature will be helpful for those who want to share their notes with people in their classes or group members they’re working with on a project. Simply clicking the "group" tab will allow you to see all of the shared notes for the people in your group. There’s no need to worry about people getting a free ride — your notes will only be shared with those who you’ve invited to the group.


And of course, you can use it just for your notes and not even use the groups feature. To take notes, it’s as simple as clicking "Take Notes," and then the text editor will load so that you can begin.

–View Your Notes–

When you log in to your NoteSake account, you’ll see a list displayed of your notes.  You can either view "Your Notes" or "Group Notes." To view your notes, you’ll just click on the title of your notes that you’d like to read.


When you go to view your notes, you’ll notice that it’s a simple page with no distractions so that you can focus.  All you’ll see is a small "toolbar" up at the top, and your notes. That’s it.

–Organize Your Notes–

If you’re not so good about keeping all of your notes organized for each course you’re taking, NoteSake can help.  Each time you go to take notes, you can enter in a title, the date, which course the notes are for, and tags. When you’re wanting to view your notes, you can sort by the title, the date, or any items that you’ve "stared" so that you can reference them quickly. With your notes organized nicely, searching will be fast.  And when you search, it will search through both the title, as well as what’s in the body of your notes.

–What I like–

  • Tags! – You can tag your notes with key words so that when you want to go back to find a particular topic that you wrote about, you can.  What’s nice though is that you don’t have to tag anything.  NoteSake doesn’t require that you fill in the "tag" field.
  • Format your text – If you’d like to make something bold so that it stands out, or highlight something, you can. Other options include italics, underlining, strike-through, center the text, right align the text, etc.
  • Star notes – If there’s something that’s really important, just star it for quick access.
  • Back-ups – They back-up your notes every 12 hours! That means there’s really no chance that you could lose your stuff.

–Changes I’d like to see–

  • Auto-save feature: You have to remember to click "Save &Close" If you don’t click save, all of your work will be lost. It would be nice if there were an auto-save feature.
  • Offline access: It would be awesome to see them implement offline access, and Google Gears would be one way to do this.

Wrapping it up

Not only are you able to take notes online with NoteSake, you’re also able to keep them organized and share them with other classmates. If you’re looking for a note-taking solution, I definitely recommend giving NoteSake a try! It’s simple and gets the job done.