Million Dollar Monday

If during the summer months you wrestle between the thought of going outside to enjoy the weather or staying inside to watch your favorite TV shows, worry no more because now you can satisfy both of your desires. The ARRIS-WFSS is a freestanding  outdoor entertainment system to satisfy all of your entertainment needs!


The ARRIS-WFSS features a 26″ flat-panel LCD high definition screen that is dual weather-resistant for easing viewing along with marine grade speakers. It has all of the standard elements– the auxiliary inputs and the remote control, however this remote control does more than controlling your TV.  The remote control included with the ARRIS-WFSS also acts as a controller for your pool or spa equipment. It is built to be durable, and to last with a fabricated “armor-like” shell made of stainless steel.



–How It Works–

I don’t know of anyone who has cable or satellite hooked up in their backyard.  Of course you’re going to want to watch live TV, but how do you get the signal to your outdoor system? Here’s how it works: A media center extender is attached to the TV, and via a wirelessly networked Media Center machine indoors your TV, photos, music, and other media is streamed to your outdoor machine.  All you really need outdoors is the TV and a power outlet.

–Cost and Other Options–

There are a few different ARRIS models available, so the price and features do vary some.  The ARRIS Media Center Extender model will run about$6,800.

If 26 inches just isn’t big enough and you’re looking for an alternative that will blow people away, try an inflatable gigantic 13′ x 16′ screen. The SuperScreen Outdoor Theatre System takes under five minutes to fully inflate and is made of a puncture resistant material. It comes with a portable DVD Player and uses a projector with a stand to project movies. Of course it’s larger, so the price will be around $9,999.  No need for an outdoor theatre when you could have one both large and small in your own backyard!