Time Saving Tuesday

I am a pretty organized person and I view hundreds of sites each day. Through all of those sites I find several that I will eventually come back to but I don’t want to clutter up my bookmarks when I will only view once more. That’s where notes come in.

Google Notebook For the past few months I have been using Google Notebook and it has been great. It offers me the ability to create notes on a Website and be able to retrieve them later. An extension is available for Firefox and Internet Explorer which makes it even easier to manage your notes without ever pulling up a Web page.

I have always used Google Notebook because I have never thought to search for another note taking solution. Heading over to the Firefox Extensions page helped me to find a few more that give Google Notebook a run for it’s money.


Scrapbook Firefox Extension The first one that I came across was Scrapbook and it appeared to be very well put together looking at the screenshots so I gave it a shot. This extension is very unique because it will store your “note” directly on your computer. It does not send any information to a server which is good from a privacy aspect but may not be favored by people who constantly use more than one computer.

Scrapbook Firefox Extension Scrapbook will also let you highlight text and even add your own comments. This is one of my favorite features of this extension because it will give you a floating window that you can move around and type your comments into. It even has a small amount of transparency to it so that you can still see the text located behind the sticky note. Very well done.


Internote Firefox Extension Okay, so maybe you like the idea of the floating sticky notes but you don’t want to store the site on your computer in order to use the feature. Then you need Internote. It allows you to place a sticky note on any site and you can choose from a nice range of colors for the background and text.

Internote also has a built-in manager which makes it easy to see all of the notes you have sprawled out over several sites. Then you can edit, print, or delete the them at your leisure.


Diigo Firefox Internet Explorer Diigo is kind of a combination of all of the above. It has a Firefox and IE extension but they also offer a bookmarklet that makes it easy to take nice notes without ever installing a thing. Much like Google Notebook this service allows you to store your notes as either public or private. They are trying to become a large social network which means they really want you to store your notes as public so that their network will continue to thrive.

Unlike the other note taking solutions Diigo allows you to tag your notes. I definitely like that idea because finding that specific note later on will be a little bit easier. Another unique feature is the ability to simultaneously bookmark/note a site at multiple sources. Yep, you can bookmark a link at, Shadows, Yahoo, and more with just one click!


So those are the different kind of solutions that I had come up with. Browsers like Flock (demo available) and Opera (demo available) both have built-in note taking capabilities. That must mean this is a pretty highly requested feature. If you happen to know of another solution we would love to hear about it.