Fun Friday

trivia This week we decided to have a little fun and put your technology knowledge to the test! Below you’ll find 15 technology related trivia questions to be answered. The correct answer to each of the questions is found below. Let us know how you did!

1.  Ethernet is a registered trademark of…

C.  Xerox
D.  Microsoft

2.  What nation has set up a video game addiction hotline?

A.  Japan
B.  United States
C.  South Korea
D.  India

3.  What does PDF stand for?

A.  Page Draft Form
B.  Page Draft Form
C.  Portable Document Format
D.  Printed Data File

4.  Nintendo was originally founded as a…

A.  Taxi company
B.  Playing Card company
C.  Video Game company
D.  Drum manufacturer

5.  What was the first year that digital cameras outsold traditional cameras?

A.  2003
B.  2002
C.  2004
D.  2006

6. How many colors were in the old Apple logo (you know, the striped one)?

A.  5
B.  6
C.  7
D.  8

7.  Which is a standard computer monitor resolution?

A.  1024 X 768
B.  1024 X 748
C.  1048 X 724
D.  1048 X 744

8.  Which of these options was once the name of Firefox (the browser)?

A.  Firebird
B.  Firecat
C.  Firewolf
D.  Firehawk

9.  The Google logo consists of six letters and four different colors are used. Which two colors are only used once?

A.  Green and Red
B.  Red and Blue
C.  Blue and Yellow
D.  Yellow and Green

10.  Microsoft’s “Patch Tuesday” (when Microsoft releases security patches for Windows to users) occurs on…

A. 1st Tuesday of the month
B.  2nd Tuesday of the month
C.  3rd Tuesday of the month
D.  Last Tuesday of the month

11. Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin nicknamed Google…

A.  MyPal
B.  Linky
C.  BackRub
D.  GoogyIt

12.  What year did the first remote control enter the home?

A. 1942
B. 1946
C. 1952
D. 1956

13.  How many megabytes are equal to 5 gigabytes?

A.  5,000
B.  5,024
C.  5,096
D.  5,120

14.  Bill Gates dropped out of which college?

A.  Harvard
B.  Stanford
C.  Princeton
D.  Yale

15.  What year was CyberNet News founded?
A.  2004
B.  2005
C.  2006
D.  2007

Answer Key

1.  C – Xerox
2.  C – South Korea
3.  C – Portable Document Format
4.  B – Playing Card Company
5.  A – 2003
6.  B – 6
7.  A – 1024 x 768
8.  A – Firebird
9.  D – Yellow and Green
10. B – 2nd Tuesday of the month
11. C – BackRub
12. D – 1956
13. D – 5,120
14. A – Harvard
15. B – 2005