Time Saving Tuesday

Google Co-op has a pretty cool feature called Subscribed Links. Just like the name implies, a user must subscribe to a particular “link” before they can use it. Once you have chosen some of the items to use, you’ll start to see them popping up when performing certain Google searches. For example, there is a Weather Radar item that you can subscribe to that will give you a graphical view of the weather in your area when performing related searches. Below is an example of a weather-related search for my area and I have placed a red box around the Subscribed Link object:

Google Subscribe Links

As of right now there is a pretty small directory of objects that you can opt-into, but I have found many of them to be useful. Below is a listing of the seven items that I subscribed to, along with some examples of how to use them and a short description. To add one of the items to your own account, just click on their “Homepage” link located after the title.

Remember, they only appear when you’re performing certain keyword searches, so the large boxes at the top won’t always be visible.

Wikimedia Data (Homepage)

As expected, this will show you a quick summary for some of the topics that you are searching for. As you can see in the screenshot below, I was able to quickly find information about who Microsoft is and how many employees they have without needing to visit a separate site.

Examples: Microsoft, North America, dog

Google Subscribe Links


Date and Time (Homepage)

If you ever find yourself wondering what time it currently is, this will be perfect. A quick search will not only reveal the date and time, but also provide a monthly calendar.

Examples: today’s date, current time, what time is it

Google Subscribe Links


Weather Radar (Homepage)

This is probably one of my favorite gadgets because I use it all the time. In a matter of seconds I can get a fast overview of what the weather is like in my area (including wind direction and speed) as well as a forecast. Not to mention a nice radar map that I can pan around and zoom in/out on!

Examples: weather Chicago, weather 50014

Google Subscribe Links


Traffic Conditions (Homepage)

If our daily commute gets you down, why not check for problems before you leave! A quick search can leave you with road closings and accident information for your city.

Examples: traffic Chicago, 60091 traffic

Google Subscribe Links


Local Gas Prices (Homepage)

Gas prices continue to rise, so instead of hunting around looking for the lowest price just Google it! Make sure you look at the dates underneath some of the prices though, because some of them don’t get frequently updated.

Examples: gas prices 50014

Google Subscribe Links


What is My IP Address (Homepage)

I’m sure one of the most frequent search queries is “what is my ip?” Now you can get the answer to the question without having to pull up another site.

Examples: whoami, what is my ip, my ip

Google Subscribe Links


Flight Status & Tracker (Homepage)

If you travel with the airlines frequently this will almost be a must. A search by airline and flight number will result in the status of that flight and a search by airport code will give you the current conditions at that airport. Or you can just type “airport delays” into the search and it will give you a quick listing of all airports currently experiencing delays.

Examples: delta 488, american airlines 357, aa 357, airport delays, ord

Google Subscribe Links


Thanks to Micro Persuasion for pointing out the Subscribed Links feature!