Microsoft Monday


If you use Microsoft Office, chances are, you’ve at least taken a look at some of the templates that are made available online for users.  There are a ton of them, and they’re conveniently divided into categories so that you can find what you’re looking for.  Some are better than others, and generally you can find at least one or two really good ones within each category.

Two of the templates that I see people use most often are for calendars and resumes, both of which Microsoft offers several good options. While I was searching through the selection online for these templates, I found that typically some of the really good ones require a validation process to make sure your copy of Office is legitimate. If it’s not, sorry, you’ll be out of luck and you’ll have to select only those without the star.

Anyone can easily browse through the templates that Microsoft has to offer, so I will just point out some of the favorites based upon votes that might interest you in two different categories.


Within this section, you’ll find calendars divided by year– starting with 2006 and going up to 2008.  Then you’ll find other options like academic year calendars, multiple-year calendars, and a few other varieties.





I don’t think anyone would argue that writing a resume can be a daunting task.  Lots of people turn to Microsoft’s templates for an outline of what they need to include to help them get started.

Within the templates section for Resumes, they divide it into three separate categories – basic, job specific, and situation specific. As with the calendars, the downloads that are marked with a star mean that unless you do the validation process to confirm that your copy of Office is legitimate, you won’t be able to download them.




There are so many templates in a variety of categories from databases and diagrams to postcards and business cards.  If you haven’t used a Microsoft template before, definitely check them out.  While the templates may not look exactly the way you want it to, it at least gives you ideas of what you would want and helps you get started.  The complete list of template categories can be found here.