Free For All Friday

A few weeks ago I started a topic in the forum asking what the first few programs are that you install on your Windows PC. It was fun to read the posts so I thought it was finally time for an article on it that summarizes your responses. I think that a lot of you may find this to be really useful because you’ll see what others view as their most important applications.

Windows XP Installation Before you begin brainstorming your own response, make sure you set aside your driver installations because many of us are plagued with having to install those first. For me, I install Firefox first (my browser of choice) so that I can then go and download Avast! (my antivirus software) and Google Talk (my instant messenger). After that the things that I install are in more of a random fashion.

Some people in the forum mentioned one or two applications while others gathered around five to ten. Here is a list of all the software that was mentioned (along with hyperlinks to their respective homepages):

9 Votes:

5 Votes:

3 Votes:

  • AVG (free version) – Antivirus

2 Votes:

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I think that I covered all of the programs that were mentioned. Most people only submitted one or two of the applications that they install first which is why there is such a variety. There are only a few commercial products in the mix but there is no doubt that the free Firefox leads the way. I figured that would be the most common since people use that to download other things to install.

What do you put at the top of your installation list?