Web Browser Wednesday

I thought today I would do something a little different than usual. Sure I have done lists of Firefox extensions before (tabbed browsing and security) but this one takes a unique approach. It isn’t focused on productivity or usefulness, instead we are taking a look at funny extensions. Some of them are even great for pranks. ;)

–Ad Bar (Download)–
Firefox AdsDuh, this is what Firefox has been missing all along. Ads!

This extension will display ads in Firefox much like how Opera used to. If there are some relevant ads to be displayed from Google it will do so, otherwise you will see a Firefox ad like the one pictured above. Before you jump the gun…no one is making money off of this because the Google ads use a “test” mode:

If adbar were to generate revenue from ad clickthroughs, it would violate the AdSense policy that disallows client software from showing the ads. While Google has made an exception for the free version of Opera, it did not respond when I asked for an exception for adbar.

Two of the other FAQ’s will give you a good laugh as well:

Can I register and get rid of the ads?

Of course! Paypal $19 (51% cheaper than Opera!) to me or the Mozilla Foundation, then uninstall adbar using the Extension Manager in Firefox’s Tools menu.

When I visit porn sites, why do I get public service ads instead of ads for porn?

Good question.

They say “51% cheaper than Opera” because this extension was last updated back in 2004…you know the days when Opera didn’t offer a no cost version that was ad-free.


–Firesomething (Download)–
Firesomething Sick of your title bar always saying “Mozilla Firefox”? Then have it say something a little more random. Firesomething will replace the word Firefox with Fire**** where the asterisks are random words.

I’m sure the title of this extension makes a lot more sense now.



–Hammer Time (Download)–
Hammer Time Extension So you’re trying to introduce your Grandma to the Internet but she just doesn’t understand how the stop button works, right? I know, that is a common issue but the Hammer Time extension will solve all of your woes! You can now replace the stop button with an MC Hammer icon. I mean how can anyone forget what that button does now…”STOP! Hammer Time..” 



–Remove Links (Download)–
If you find yourself browsing the Web too much then this extension will definitely solve that problem. Why? It will remove every link so that you have nothing to click on. If you can’t click then there isn’t much you can do. :)



–Anti-Paranoia (Download)–
Anti-Paranoia If you are constantly watching over you back, can’t sleep at night, or stressed out at work then you need the Anti-Paranoia extension.

It will add an option to the Tools menu that says “I am afraid” which activates the extension. Once it has been activated you will see a notification box every 3 to 7 minutes popping up in the bottom-right corner of Firefox with comforting messages like “Everything is good” and “The world is a good place”.



–Random Theme Switcher (Download)–
This extension does have some usefulness to it but I would say it would be awesome for performing a prank. All you have to do is install a bunch of crazy themes and this extension on someone’s Firefox and they will go crazy…especially if you make it a point to tell them that a virus has been going around lately that infects Firefox which makes it constantly change its appearance.



–Goodbye, Cruel World (Download)–
Someone thought the Hello World program was a little too cheery. Enough said.



–Mood Tap (Download)–
Mood Tap Firefox Extension This extension will let the whole world know how you are feeling. Just select your mood from the list of options and it will add it to the other statistics on It looks like right now the world isn’t feeling too good. :(




–Office Poltergeist (Download)–
Office Poltergeist Sure you could setup someone’s computer so that you could remotely control it but why not just hijack their web browser? All you have to do is download this extension and install it on your friends existing Firefox installation.

Once installed you will be able to access the computer by typing in http://IPADDRESS:666 to if installed on a PC and http://IPADDRESS:13013 if the computer is a Mac. Once you are in control you can change the URL of the site they are viewing, make an alert box popup, play a sound, shake their window, or replace every word on the screen with another word.

This extension can give you hours of amusement when installed on a friends computer. :D



–Autobrowse (Download)–
This extension will take all of the pain away from finding search results. How? Just activate it from the Tools menu, choose the search term,  and pick the search engine. Once it has that information it will automatically start surfing through the results!