Million Dollar Monday
CyberNotes: The Ultimate PS and Xbox Gaming Simulators!

As gaming systems get more and more advanced, so do the peripherals that enhance them! The ultimate in gaming simulation has been built and designed for Mitsubishi. It is integrated into two Mitsubishi Lancer’s linked together for a side-by-side rally simulation. With two large projection screens or plasmas in front of the cars, you’re set up for a high tech realistic driving experience.

The side by side Mitsubishi Lancer’s are set up to race against each other with the help of Sony Playstation and Grand Turismo 3. The entire virtual reality experience is complete with vibrating seats, and an impressive Sony sounds system to make it sound and feel like you are racing against a competitor. The entire simulation gives you an ultimate experience including a handbrake so that you can back into corners. The cost to design this super simulation was around $200,000!


Sony’s Playstation together with Mitsubishi isn’t the only realistic simulation available. Nissan and Microsoft teamed together to create a concept car that duals as an ultimate gaming machine using the Xbox 360. The URGE is Nissan’s concept car that is equipped with a 7 inch flip down LCD screen (used as a rearview mirror for real driving) so that when the car is in park, it can be used as a racing machine via Project Gotham Racing 3. Using the car’s steering wheel, gas and break pedal, driver’s will be on a ride of a lifetime through the streets of New York City, London, Las Vegas, Tokyo, and Germany. Can you imagine having that parked in your garage?

From rally racing in a simulated Mitsubishi Lancer via Playstation to racing through the streets of Tokyo via Xbox 360 and the Nissan URGE— this is one virtual reality experience you certainly couldn’t experience in your living room!