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Anytime that I’ve needed to lookup information regarding a movie, I’ve always turned to The Internet Movie Database. They’re considered to be “the biggest, best, most award-winning movie and TV site on the planet” and they have all kinds of information available. While IMDB remains my favorite source for TV and movie information, I thought it was worth taking a look at some alternatives because there are some great ones out there. Today we’ll be looking at three sites to visit which include, Yahoo! Movies, and MovieWeb.

–– has actually been around since 2000 and they include everything related to movies.  If you’d like to keep up with movie news or you want to buy tickets and view show times, you can do it all at Here’s a quick run-through on what you’ll find at the site:



The homepage includes the movie spotlight which shows the box-office leaders, movies opening during the week, upcoming movies, and new DVD releases.

The Buzz

The Buzz is where you’ll read all about the latest buzz! At the moment, of course it’s all about the Oscars. Right now you can take the Headless Oscar Fashions Quiz or see the list of Oscar nominees.

New & Upcoming

In the “New & Upcoming” section you’ll find a spotlight for the week. This week it’s Jumper which is now in theaters. You can get all kinds of info on the movie of the week as well as other new movies including movie details, tickets and times, trailers and clips, and reviews.  They also post an upcoming release calendar by week so that you know when movies you want to see are headed for the big-screen.


Want to know what people think of a movie before you see it, this is where you can do that. They graph results which include their opinion, the opinion of critics, and what their site visitors have to say. For example, Jumper was given a C rating by, a C- by the critics, and a B by site readers.

Other “Stuff”

Additional components to the site include a fan forum, a place where you can see photos of your favorite actors and actresses, as well as a section to view trailers and clips from upcoming movies.

If you end up visiting the site frequently, you’ll want to become a member and then you can customize the content that you see on the site, keep track of reviews that you’ve written, and more.

–Yahoo! Movies–

Yahoo! Movies is another great site to go to when you want to keep up with movies. Out of any of the sites we’re talking about today, Yahoo! Movies has the best interface.  The main components to this site include the list of the top movies at the box office, a list of movies opening this week, the option to get showtimes and tickets for movies in your area, and a section with movie news and gossip. They too have trailers and clips for new movies.

Below you’ll find a quick run-through of what you’ll find when navigating through Yahoo! Movies.

 yahoo movies

There are three main tabs on the Yahoo! Movies site – “Movies,” DVD,” and “My Movies.” Today we’re just focusing on the content that you can find under the “Movies” tab.

In Theaters

This is where you’ll get all of the information you could ever want about movies that are opening in theaters shortly, and those already in theaters.  One of the best parts about the information that they provide is the user reviews. There are SO many user reviews for movies so you really get a good idea of whether or not it’s worth seeing. For each movie, they provide a brief summary, but then they also provide links to more detailed movie information, showtimes, trailers & clips, and user reviews.

Showtimes & Tickets

Just enter in your location and it will pull up a list of theaters and showtimes in your area. They also provide the address and phone number for the theater, and a link so that you can map it on Yahoo Maps.

Coming Soon

By visiting the “coming soon” section, you’ll be able to see a list of movies that will be coming out over the next several weeks.

Top Rated

Remember how I mentioned all of the user reviews? They are most useful in the “Top Rated” section.  A list of movies that are in the theaters is displayed, and then they display what the average grade was that Yahoo! users gave the movie.  For example, The Bucket List has been given, on average, a B by users. They also included a list of Top Movies of All Time which includes movies like The Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather, Star Wars, and more.


MovieWeb’s slogan is “The Best Seat in the House” and like the other two sites we mentioned today, they include all kinds of information on the latest movies hitting the theaters, those just coming to DVD, and more. While their site can be a little difficult to navigate, there’s a lot of great content there so searching through it is worth it. Some of the main components you’ll find on their homepage include a list of movies on DVD this week, the latest Blu-Ray and HD DVD movie reviews, today’s box office numbers, and all kinds of news, features, and interviews.

Below you’ll find some of the information that you can find on MovieWeb’s site.



Under the “Releases” tab you’ll find a list of the movies that will be in theaters, those that will be released on DVD, and HD DVD and Blu-ray releases for the week.  What I like about MovieWeb’s release section compared to the others is that they show the movie cover instead of just listing the movies which is nice.

User Reviews

There are pages upon pages of reviews for movies in the theater as well as those on DVD.  I clicked to view a review of Spiderwick and I was able to get reviews as well as all kinds of information regarding it. Aside from the review, here’s a list of all of the information you can get for movies:

  • Summary
  • Synopsis
  • Videos (like the Trailer and different clips)
  • Photos
  • Headlines
  • Comments
  • Show times if it’s in the theater


Unlike the other sites we mentioned, MovieWeb has a section dedicated to the latest Hi-Definition News.  The only downside is that you can’t subscribe to the news which would be great if you were keeping your eye out for movies being released on the Blu-ray format. Aside from the news, they also list the latest HD DVD and Blu-ray movie reviews which can be found on the homepage as well.