Weekend Warrior

Nowadays many people aren’t traveling solo anymore; they are bringing along their laptops- both those traveling for business and those traveling for pleasure. We simply like to stay connected and do so with the help of our portable computers. This is made easy with wireless connections that are popping up everywhere from airports to hotels. For those that travel frequently, this probably won’t help you quite as much as someone who is new to traveling with their laptop. It can be a bit more complicated, especially if you haven’t done it before!


To begin, lets talk about your experience at the airport. First and foremost, your laptop belongs in with your carry-on baggage. It is wise and highly recommended not to check your computer. Have you seen the bags being thrown around while getting loaded on and off the plane? Imagine what your laptop would look like after being thrown around a few times! When going through security, most if not all airports will require you to take the laptop out of the bag and out of a case if you have one. Keep an eye on your laptop and wait to put it on the belt until you are ready to walk through the metal detector. You wouldn’t want somebody at the other end to snatch it and run with it! Once you get on the plane, it’s a good idea to store it under your seat versus in the overhead compartment (this of course makes it easier to get out during flight to work or watch movies!). Here are a few additional tips for your flight:

  • Carry an extra battery or two: It’s not a bad idea, especially for long flights.
  • If your battery dies and you’re desperate, head for the lavatory where you will probably find an outlet.

Next, when traveling to international locations, you will be faced with new complications. There are 9 different power plugs that are used around the world. Additionally there are 39 different telephone jacks in use. This can certainly make plugging in and connecting to the internet more of a challenge than expected. To solve these problems, there are electrical plug adapter and telephone jack kits readily available. One site I found that sells a whole kit for power plugs can be found here.

Finally, this may seem obvious but not everyone thinks of it. Carry your laptop in a padded bag! This is something good to do no matter where your laptop is going, but especially when you are traveling by air! A little extra padding can go a long way!