Web Browser Wednesday

We always get a lot of positive feedback on the “best of” or “top 10″ Firefox lists that we put together, but we’re far from the only site doing that. So today I thought I would focus on making an a semi-comprehensive guide for the lists that are available on the web.

Why isn’t it completely comprehensive? There are a lot of lists out there that honestly aren’t all that great. Some of them are just repeats of what you’ll find at other places, and I don’t want to put you through visiting article after article if they are all essentially the same.

So all of the articles that we’ve listed below are well written, and contain pretty unique lists that you won’t find at too many other places. We’ve divided the lists up into four different categories: our own Firefox lists, the top 10 Firefox extensions, other non-extension related top 10 lists, and finally the lists that contain more than 10 items. In all there are about 30 different lists that we’ve assembled here, so you better get started!

Top 10 Firefox

–Our Firefox Lists–

We wanted to keep our own Firefox lists that we’ve written separate from the rest, and we’ve written quite a few. Below you’ll find a mixture of some of our “Top 10″ lists and some of our longer lists that we’ve assembled.

  • Best Firefox Extensions for Bookmarking – We walk you through all of the best bookmark-related extensions out there. We went through over 218 bookmarking extensions on the Mozilla’s Add-ons site before we got our list down to a mere 15 extensions.
  • 10 Great Firefox Extensions For Tabbed Browsing – You gotta love the tabs in Firefox, and here are our top 10 extensions for improving your tab browsing experience.
  • Firefox Extensions cause Memory Leaks and Crashes – Although Firefox extensions are a great asset to the browser, they can also cause performance troubles. Check our list of 13 extensions that are known to have memory leaks or crash the browser.
  • CyberNet’s Updated Guide On Firefox 2 Tweaks – We put this list together back when Firefox 2 originally launched, and it contains 16 tweaks that will speed up and improve your browser.
  • 10 Firefox Extensions to make you more Productive – Just when you thought you couldn’t get things done any faster we went and dug up 10 extensions that will do just that. In the list of extensions we tried to cover the lesser-known ones to help ensure that at least a handful of them will be new to you.
  • 200 Firefox Extensions Installed At One Time! – Yep, we did that. We crammed 200 extensions into the Firefox browser to celebrate the release of Firefox 2 and the 200 million download milestone. I hope to go for 300 sometime, but I think I’ll need a bigger monitor. :)
  • Screenshots of 200+ Firefox Themes – Our very own Learn Firefox site gives you an enormous listing of screenshots we took for over 200 Firefox themes. This makes it easy to scroll see all of the different themes before you actually install them.

–Top 10 Firefox Extensions–

This section is dedicated solely to the top 10 Firefox extensions lists from various diffrent sources.

  • Top 10: Must-have Firefox Extensions – Lifehacker lists some of their favorite extensions, and what they’ve come up with is almost exactly what I would produce in my own top 10 Firefox extensions list.
  • Top 10 Firefox Extensions to Improve your Productivity – Are you itching to become more productive? This post highlights extensions that will save you time and clicks.
  • Top 10 Firefox Web 2.0 Add-ons – Great extensions for the Web 2.0 addicts out there. This article covers the common extensions, such as StumbleUpon and Delicious, but also throws a few others into the mix that you may not have known about.
  • Top 10 Extensions to Manage Firefox Extensions – All of the extensions listed here are used for managing your extensions. They range from backing up your extensions, all the way to installing them in bulk.
  • Top 10 Firefox Extensions for Web Designers – This is a web developers dream list. If you do any sort of web work make sure to check this out!
  • Top 10 Firefox Super Extensions – This article covers the extensions that are so complete that they could actually be considered standalone applications. Instead they conveniently integrate into your browser.
  • Top 10 Firefox Add-ons for Researchers – Students are always looking for a way to up their research productivity, and this site has got what you need! It covers extensions that pull up cached versions of pages, and some that let you take notes.
  • Top 10 Ways Best Ways to Manage Firefox Tabs – A great list of tab-related extensions. You’ll soon realize how powerful tabs can actually be!
  • Top 10 Firefox Extensions to Avoid – Computer World takes us through a tour of the 10 Firefox extensions that you shouldn’t install. You’ll probably be surprised to see some of the most popular extensions on that list, and they give their reasoning for each one.
  • The Top 10 Firefox Extensions for SEO – This is really for both web developers and search engine optimizers, and one of the cool extensions that I found here is called X-Ray. It displays the HTML code of all the items right there on the page. No more “View selection source” for me!
  • 10 Firefox Plugins That Save You Money – A lot of interesting extensions were mentioned here, such as Gmail Space which would prevent you from needing to purchase a USB drive.

–Other Top 10 Firefox Lists–

This section covers all of the other top 10 Firefox lists that are not extensions for the browser.

–Top 10+ Firefox Lists–

We couldn’t just limit the article to top 10 lists because you would then miss out on a lot of great posts. So here you’ll find the extremely helpful lists that contain more than 10 items.

  • 50 Best Firefox Extensions for Power Surfing – An absolutely insane list of extensions broken up into categories like tabbed browsing, links, downloads, navigation, privacy, and more.
  • A List of Over 100 Best Firefox Extensions – I think this might be pushing the limit of where it’s more productive to go through the list rather than just go to the extension site and start going through all the different pages. It’s a good article nonetheless.
  • Mozilla Firefox – Have It Your Way – Includes the top 25 extensions, as well as the best search engines and Greasemonkey scripts. It also covers themes, customizations, and much more!
  • I want a Firefox Extension to … – A well organized list of over 200 Firefox extensions. It is broken up based upon what you want an extension to do.
  • Best Firefox Extensions [about 50 extensions] – Broken up into multiple categories, including killer extensions and highly recommended ones.
  • Top Firefox Extensions [20 extensions] – These extensions are divided up into multiple categories: Google, security, tweaks, and more.
  • Best Firefox Extensions – I don’t know how many extensions are on this page, but it’s definitely a lot. They are divided up by categories, but that still doesn’t make it that easy to go through.