Have you ever wondered what the disgustingly rich buy for their spoiled children during the holidays? Take a look at some of the top toys of 2006 for rich kids.

Grand Victorian Mansion

Send the kids out to the backyard to play in their Grand Victorian Mansion. No need for sand boxes, or swing sets when you have a mini house of your own to play in. No Victorian mansion would be complete without a wraparound porch. It also includes stained glass windows, window boxes (for your flowers, of course!), a door bell, and a door-knocker. This is available for purchase from FAO Schwarz for $22,000.

Dimensions: 204″ L x 108″ W x 132″ H

Scallywag Sloop Pirate Themed Club House

For $18,499.99, this Pirate Ship Club House could be yours from Costco. Talk about one unique tree house that your neighbors sure won’t have! The base is made from an old tree with a hallowed-out opening.  The opening is large enough that even and adult would be able to fit through.  There are two parts to it, and it includes a swing, and a fireman’s pole. It comes complete with a cannon hole, a ships mast, crows nest, and a ships wheel! Other options include a spiral turbo slide for $920, and a real cast iron cannon bow support for $2500.

Dimensions: 18’W x 10’D x 20′ H



7-Foot Robby the Robot

The 7-foot Robby Robot comes from the 1956 film “Fobidden Planet,” and now it can be yours.  All seven feet of it. He’s programmed to recite lines from the movie, and the sound can be connected to your home theater system, or you can even project your own voice using a wireless microphone. Weighing in at 100 pounds, this is an extraordinary gift that only the spoiled rich could have. Robby is also programmed to spin his planetary gyro stabilizers, and rotate his scanners while lights are flashing. The body is extra durable, made out of rugged Fiberglass.

Price: $49,999.95

Made by: Hammacher Schlemmer


Life Sized Lego Batman

You could find this guy in the FAO Swartz Christmas catalog for 2006 with a hefty price tag of $27,000! I wonder how many kids had this on their wish list? Measuring 6’6″ tall, he is constructed out of Lego’s! He wears a black bat-suit, yellow utility belt, and a fabric cape. It would come delivered to your house in three separate crated sections with some assembly required.

Price: $27,000

Dimensions: 24″ L x 24″ W x 78″ H


Rough & Tumble Outpost

Now this is what rich people buy their kids for the holidays! The Rough & Tumble Outpost is a mega playground for your own backyard. Why would you want a swing set when you could have this outpost for $97,610? :) It includes:

  • Swinging bridge
  • Rock-climbing walls
  • Look out tower
  • Jailhouse
  • Earthquake Landing Platform
  • Fire Pole
  • Wrap-around ramp up to second story

You’ll need a 47′ x 48′ piece of land to put this on!

Actual dimensions: 35.5′ L x 28’W x 15’H