Free For All Friday

There are very few books, movies, CD’s and other media materials that I buy that get used more than once. Take a DVD for example. Very rarely will I come across a movie that I’ll want to watch more than once. Despite the fact I know I probably won’t watch it more than once, I still end up buying it only to have it sit and collect dust after the first viewing. I’ve come across a website that will help to solve this dilemma. It’s called Zunafish and it allows you to trade DVDs, CDs, paperbacks, video games, VHS, or audiobooks that you’re done with for something you’d want. You have to trade apples to apples though. If I’ve posted a DVD up for trade, I have to get a DVD in return. I signed up to see what it was all about. It only took a few minutes to set up an account, and from there I was ready to post items for trade. I selected a DVD to trade and typed in the key words ‘Lord Of The Rings.’ It pulled up every possible Lord Of The Rings result and gave me the option to choose specifically which DVD it was.


After you’ve selected the item you’re wanting to trade, the next process is to enter the condition. Zunafish does not permit any item to be traded that is considered ‘Poor.’ This would include damaged discs, a digital copy, or something not originally sold by the manufacturer. An excellent DVD would be one that plays perfectly in the original case with original insert. After you’ve selected the condition you’re ready to post your first item. Once you’ve added items up for trade, you create a list of items that you’d want. After you’ve selected items, those who have the requested items available are given the chance to view what you have listed. If they come across something they’d want, they offer you a trade. You’re always able to accept or decline the offer.

Zuna 1

Alright, so the process of trading is simple enough but what will this cost you? Each trade is $1.00. Zunafish also uses a feedback system similar to the eBay system if you’re familiar with that. Traders can offer positive, negative, and neutral feedback. Neutral feedback would be warranted if shipping was slow, or if the condition of the item wasn’t accurately listed. Negative feedback would be warranted if you never received the item. As far as shipping goes, Zunafish provides the mailing label with the correct shipping address. The cost of shipping is the trader’s responsibility, however you’re told exactly how much shipping needs to be paid so you won’t have to make a visit to the post office. If you are frequently using Zunafish you will probably receive more trade offers. The more material you have up, the better chances of someone offering you to trade with them. While the service isn’t free, it’s a pretty cost effective way to turn some of the DVDs and Video Games you’ve had sitting around for something you could use. And of course, when you get sick of the new items you received from trading, you’re able to put them back up on Zunafish and the cycle continues…