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CyberNotes: Traveling Tech Savvy with Portable DVR Archos AV700

Many of us have become accustomed to digital video recording devices to use at home such as TiVo or ReplayTV. It’s an easy way to record the ‘must see’ shows that you’re not home to see! It sure beats using the VCR recording method right? More recently (late 2005), companies such as Archos have released a portable DVR, the Archos AV700 that is perfect for the traveler that can’t get enough of their TV shows or movies. For starters, a DVR or a digital video recorder is also known as a personal video recorder. It records TV or movies onto a hard drive (they seem to be getting bigger and bigger!) so that they can be watched later.

CyberNotes: Traveling Tech Savvy with Portable DVR Archos AV700

The Archos AV700 boasts a 7 inch wide screen which is great for viewing your pre-recorded media. It is made with a 40GB or 100GB hard drive and allows you to record TV directly to the device, or make scheduled recordings (the AV700 automatically adjusts the channel to record scheduled recordings.) Set-up consists of installing a TV docking pod. Infrared emitter cables allow you to control a VCR or a digital receiver such as satellite or cable through the TV Pod. You are able to connect to TV, VCR, DVD player, digital receiver or camcorder.

CyberNotes: Traveling Tech Savvy with Portable DVR Archos AV700

A few other great features include music playing capabilities, photo wallet, a built in microphone, and the option to download and play games. With the AV700 you are able to use it as a music player. You can fit thousands of songs organized with the ARCLibrary. What’s more, the AV700 is a great way to portably store and share your photos. Photos can be transferred directly from a digital camera (with USB Mass Storage Class), or a computer. As a bonus, photos can be watched in a slideshow form. Additionally, you can use the built in microphone to record notes to yourself or if you’re into gaming, you can purchase games and download them to play off of your AV700.

Here are some of the specs (the good and the not so good!):

  • Cost (not so good): $600-800 for the 100GB model
  • Display(good): 7″LCD 380X234 Pixels
  • Power: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Weight(not so good): The great 7″ screen comes at a cost! The AV700 weighs over 20oz

Additional specs can be found here, and available accessories can be found here! If you’d like to read some of the reviews, check this out.

To sum up the Archos AV700, it’s a rather large, but very portable digital video recording device that makes it easy to catch your ‘must see’ shows on the go! It’s a bit bulky, and the price is pushing its’ limits. It does have a lot of great features from the digital photo wallet to the simplicity of recording shows from your TV directly to the device –meaning less hassle for you! If bigger is better in your book, the AV700 is a good option for a portable DVR making you a bit more travel tech savvy.