Weekend Warrior

Videos have turned the Internet upside down ever since YouTube popped its head out of the binary world. Since Google recently acquired them for $1.65 billion that gives other video hosting companies hope that they can be the next big thing to get bought out. Hey, for users that can only mean better quality sites that are well maintained, right?


The new service this time is called Travelistic and its goal is to collect videos from around the world. It is already well on its way as you can see in the screenshot above which was taken from this page. At the time of this writing it has movies from 37 different countries and there are 30 cities from the United States alone that have videos. I’m from around Chicago, Illinois and there are a few different videos from that area. They are actually professional videos that are informative and even taught me a thing or two about areas that I thought I knew well.

All of the videos appear to be in English and if any of the speakers are not speaking English they will have a translator. The only benefit that I can see with registering is that you can mark places that you have been to or that you want to see. I guess the registered users can also leave comments which could actually prove to be the most useful part about the whole site.

Overall the site is very well put together and the videos offer an insightful look to many different spots around the world. Some of the movies can seem a bit boring but they dive into details that you may not find anywhere else. I hope to see other contributors to the site so that it will continue to become more and more useful.

On a little bit of a side note I would like to bring up their advertising strategy. It is very much what I think YouTube could do in the future to help recoup some of the large bandwidth costs. The first few times that you play some videos they will probably startup without any ads, but every now and again you’ll be forced to watch a 15 second advertisement at the beginning of the video. Its definitely not unreasonable and I think if YouTube did something like that, say a 15 second ad for every 5 movies that you watch, then I don’t think that users would really complain. Hopefully they wouldn’t display a 15 second ad for a 10 second clip but you get the point.